Episode 257: No Mercy 2000

September 30, 2013

Richer & The Mailman Episode 8 - Breaking Bad, Emmys and a Meltdown

September 24, 2013

On this week's episode of Richer and the Mailman:

The guys talk about Josh's trip to Boneheads, the public disaster that is shopping for purified water during a public disaster, and Jeff relays his experience watching bad horror films that don't deliver on the good stuff.

From 16:00 - 1:07:00, they break down Breaking Bad's penultimate episode, "Granite State". They also discuss suffering versus death, the rollercoaster that is Walter White and Todd.

Then things get heated when they discuss this year's Emmy winners (thanks Jim Parsons).

Somehow, it all leads to Josh storming off and Jeff smashing the rules of logic.

So, sit back and see what Josh and Jeff are delivering on this week's Richer & The Mailman!


Episode 255: Unforgiven 2000

September 23, 2013

Richer & The Mailman: Episode 7 - Breaking Bad & Oscar Talk

September 17, 2013

This week on Richer & The Mailman: more proof that Mila Kunis deserves an Oscar, copycat movies and cynicism.

At the 13:00 minute mark, Josh & Jeff discuss the Breaking Bad episode "Ozymandias" and all of its glorious moments including Walter Jr.'s no good, horrible, very bad day. They run through the Breaking Bad news and then run through the major Emmy categories (1:05:00), which leads to Josh ranting about digging way too many shows.

And as always, we get the Postal Tip of the Week. So, sit back and check out what Richer & The Mailman are delivering this week!


PTB Episode 253: Summerslam 2000

September 16, 2013

Richer & The Mailman: Episode 6 - Breaking Bad, NFL RedZone and Friendship

September 10, 2013

This week on Richer and The Mailman: The guys talk 5K Race hijinks, gratuitously promote a certain wing spot again, opening weekend of football, the conflict of allegiances that fantasy football brings about and the downside to NFL RedZone. Jeff also ponders why so many players fumble the damn ball!

At 18:37 they freak out over a very eventful episode of Breaking Bad which includes easy-listening jams in the workplace, Walter's possible residual humanity, Todd's increasing creepiness, and fun with Photoshop....plus the scene that may have redeemed Walter Jr!

At 01:14:00 they discuss their friendship and we get a very helpful Postal Tip of the Week. So sit back and see what Josh and Jeff are delivering this week on Richer and The Mailman!