Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #8

July 16, 2017
A nearly lost episode of Survey Says, at last salvaged from the digital depths and dusted off to assume its rightful place in the canon. For on this edition, we throw it back to the time when Harry met Taylor: 1989! Andy and Tim are joined by guest Todd Weber, who brings his firsthand recollections of this magical year for the National Wrestling Alliance. Topics you'll encounter as we weave in and out of the promotion's various major shows and storylines include:

*A remarkably young and ahead of his time Eddie Gilbert

*The period-specific sex appeal of Michael Hayes

*Rick Steiner and his motley cast of (sometimes imaginary) supporting characters

*Kevin Sullivan: decorated collegiate athlete and part-time druid

*Paul E. Dangerously's less-than-original Original Midnight Express

*Rocket pushes for the returning Ricky Steamboat and Terry Funk

*Ric Flair's legendary performances, sans Horsemen 
*The Great Muta, Hiro Matsuda, Gary Hart's J-Tex Corporation, and the ensuing "Japanese Panic"

PLUS: break-dancing Vince Young, our favorite jobber tag team, and a surprising analog for Dick Slater! All this, wrapped up in our signature deep cuts. Given the timing of this recording, we also hope you enjoy our references to events, appearances, and holidays that have already taken place.

Todd Weber is the producer extraordinaire for the Place To Be Nation POP! family of podcasts, where he hosts Conversation Comics. He can be found AT toddweberguitar on Twitter.


Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #7

April 19, 2017

It's WCW: Outta the Box as Andy and Tim proudly welcome Special Guest Star and Place to Be Bookerman, JT Rozzero to Survey Says! JT brings his extensive knowledge and personal recollections growing up as a fan in sampling some of the more unusual presentations, high concepts, and themed shows that would go down in history as uniquely WCW. We're talking Spring Breakout! The MGM/Disney tapings! Beaches Blast AND Bash (and Brawl?) The very first Nitro! Sturgis!  Uncensored! All this, plus: Turner Time, how does it work? A coincidental PTB connection to SnowBrawl. JT's dreadful Souled Out rewatch. Tim's mom's favorite wrestling match. And Young Andy's near-tragedy at the Mall of America. Don't miss this yacht-rocking good time with the Purveyors of the Plundah on Survey Says!


Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #6 - Part 2

March 7, 2017

Andy, Tim, and special guest star Travis Banks conclude their February PPV cavalcade with SuperBrawls VI through 2001! Highlights include: Public Enemy immediately justifying their 2-year WCW tenure; the mechanics of a "worked shoot" angle; heel Lex Luger as a very Sometimes Food; Museum Mania with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper (directed by Terrence Malick); a SOMEWHAT UNIQUE way of marking the time between Scott Steiner's heel turn and its eventual payoff; Kayfabe Crime Story: The People vs. H.H. Hogan; SuperBrawl IX: Seinfeld Gif Edition; the worst match Tim has ever seen (really); and Reginald VelJohnson (not really). PLUS: a mea culpa from Travis? All topped off by a spontaneous Festival of Friendship.

Follow Travis on Twitter @travis_banks, and Survey Says will return in just a few short weeks when Spring (among other things) is in the air!


Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #6 - Part 1

February 9, 2017

For this super-sized edition of Survey Says, Andy and Tim are joined by perhaps the most CONTROVERSIAL guest in P2B history - the outlaw vigilante loose cannon known as Travis Banks - for a topic so big that no single episode could contain it! That means two times (two times) the fun this month as the gang looks back at WCW's (mostly) February tradition: SuperBrawl! In part one, THRILL TO: a pair of surprisingly relevant debuts; the SPCA having a field day with Kevin Sullivan; SuperBrawl II: The Hot Take Edition; The Wacky Misadventures of Missy Hyatt; a therapeutic way to talk about Chris Benoit; behind the scenes at the White Castle of Fear; the longest midcard match of all time; Paul Roma's last stand; the agony and the ecstasy of Vader... and that's just for starters! You'll also learn why friends don't let friends take their mothers to TNA house shows, and we induct a very special WCW Survey Says Fan of the Month. This description is desperately out of room, but keep your podcast listening device tuned to Place to Be Nation Wrestling for our second half, coming soon.


Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #5

December 31, 2016

Tim and Andy welcome longtime notable WCW fan and wrestling entrance theme expert, the esteemed Glenn Butler for a look back at the music of World Championship wrestling! Andy plays DJ [Ran], turning the focus to a few lesser-known and underrated tunes, while Tim generally makes life miserable for Andy in the editing booth. AND! Brace yourselves for the shoddy lyrics to an otherwise instrumental-only theme that you will never hear the same way again. Indeed, this episode proves to be an education as we trace the origins of some of the more (in)famous themes from a promotion not always known for the most ...original... in-house production efforts (in short: they're not all from '70s pornos). It's a slammin' and jammin' good time as Survey Says gets all up in your area!


Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #4

December 15, 2016

It's another three-man booth this month as special guest and prominent P2B contributor Steve Wille joins Andy and Tim for an inadvertently well-timed survey of the WCW cruiserweight division! The guys talk history, from the late, lamented light heavyweight title of the early '90s, the the glory days of the cruiserweight championship proper, and its oh-so WCW fall from grace. Relive the best matches, moments, and title reigns in an age of Icemen, Dragons, Lionhearts, and Luchadores! All this, PLUS the (real or imagined) tangent of Terry Funk doing a moonsault off an actual horse. Survey Says: 450 degrees of high-flying irreverence!


Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #3

November 2, 2016

This month, Andy & Tim survey the career of a once-in-lifetime performer who could arguably be considered the heart and soul of WCW: The Man Called Sting! And to do it, they welcome the world's biggest Little Stinger, Hard Traveling Fanboy Greg Phillips! Greg shares his WCW (and Sting) origin story and the gang delves into their favorite Sting matches, greatest feuds, infamous moments, coolest outfits, hidden gems, and hot takes galore. Also featuring the little-known WCW tag team of Hung 'N Bung, the best worst wrestling games for PS1, dubious celebrity cameos, and more ass than the hosts can handle. So pack your Stinger Pipe (brother) and sidle on up to the pay windah for another edition of Survey Says!


Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #2

September 30, 2016

Not a hoax! Not a dream! NOT just a one-hit wonder! Thanks to our benevolent Place to Be Nation overlords and listeners just like YOU all across the world (Australia in particular), we have been officially picked up! It is time once again for Survey Says with Andy Halleen and Tim Capel. The ambitious and audacious task before us in this second installment is none other than STARRCADE! That's right, we're surveying alllllll the granddaddies (well, mostly). So face front for the good (ha), the bad, and the ugly of WCW's premiere event! In no particular order, of course.


Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #1

September 4, 2016

Twenty-one years ago TO THE DATE, the landscape of professional wrestling was forever changed with the debut of a little show called WCW Monday Nitro. Now, World Championship Wrestling lives again in the Place to Be Nation pantheon of podcasts! Presenting SURVEY SAYS: A WCW Retrospective, wherein co-hosts Andy Halleen and Tim Capel examine -- or survey! -- a bevy of subjects from the expansive realm of WCW. We'll look at the talent, PPV events, television programs, championships, and famous (or infamous) moments that make you say, "Oh WCW!"

In this inaugural edition, Andy and Tim share their WCW origin stories. We talk about how we were introduced to the promotion, what hooked us, turned us off, and ultimately brought us back around. Then in our second half, it's a potpourri of quick hits to offer a sample of what you can expect on a typical episode of SURVEY SAYS! Complete with bizarre anatomical observations, irreverent tangents, and, of course, some hot takes. So grab your plundah, join us at the pay windah, and we'll kick it with the good guys each and every month!