Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #13

May 20, 2018
Andy and Tim are in studio and guest-less for an all-new thought experiment edition of Survey Says! This episode is concerned with answering the question, "Who used 'em better?" as we conduct a speed run through the careers of various personalities who had stints in both the WWF and WCW. Up for evaluation this round:
*Roddy Piper
*Randy Savage
*Ricky Steamboat
*Ric Flair
*Curt Hennig
*Sid Vicious
*Rick Rude
*Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard
*Dustin Rhodes
*Jim Duggan
*Chris Jericho
To name but a few! How much stock do we put in work rate vs. character? Who overcomes the limitations of their booking? Can we navigate our own biases and guilty pleasures? There are bound to be some surprises along the way as we consider these issues to ultimately determine where each performer's best years were spent! This is a concept with some legs, so join us to see which promotion reigns supreme in the first installment of a series we will revisit periodically.
PLUS: Andy shares a Very Important Phone Call, and we bestow a unique honorific on one lucky listener. Stay tuned next month when we return, scorecards in hand, for a thematically appropriate summertime survey! Until then, keep on SARSA-ing.

Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #12 - The NWO

May 2, 2018
Ready or not, Survey Says is here at long last to tackle the topic that inspired our namesake. That's right, it's the New Worl--New Worl--New World Order! And to do it, we welcome returning guest and Expert Impersonationalist Greg Phillips as our third man. This extensive survey of the New World Organization of professional wrestling (brother) shall encompass the following:

*Scott Hall's debut cutting short the storied career of The Mauler
*Kevin Nash's forced pseudo-intellectual jerkass wit
*Alternate (and SOMEWHAT UNIQUE) Third Man options for Bash at the Beach 1996
*The tumultuous moral axis of Paul Wight
*A different take on the MegaPowers Explosion via Ms. Elizabeth's perspective
*Heel Eric Bischoff as the embodiment of '80s AND '90s sleaze
*Winners and losers of the 1997 nWo membership drive
*The nWo as a template for subsequent biker enthusiast faction Aces & Eights
*Attempted vehicular homicide, or just another day in the life for the Steiners
*Eric Bischoff vs. James J. Dillon: The Administrative Powers Explode!
*The unsung character work of Heel Referee Nick Patrick
*The questionable decision to break up Hall & Nash in the nWo split
*Awkward nWo Hollywood non-member/biggest fan Bret Hart
*Possible missed opportunities of the brief Scott Steiner leadership
*The ultimately pointless nWo Elite
*Deja vu with the Black & Silver
*The nWo's role in kickstarting the '90s wrestling boom
Plus, we unearth an astonishing gem from the WCW media archives! Join the three-man power trip for this jam-packed edition singing the praises of the most dominant and iconic faction in the history of sports entertainment. Survey Says: one more for the good guys!

Two-time (two-time!) guest Greg Phillips is one half of the Hard Traveling Fanboys, which can be found each and every week on Place to Be Nation POP. Some might call it the longest-running weekly episodic comic book podcast in allllllll of Place To Be Nation, but that's not for me to say.


Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #11

March 28, 2018

It's UNsanctioned! UNauthorized! UNbelievable! And, depending on the year, UNsatisfactory! Andy and Tim are back with a timely survey of WCW's mid-'90s conceptual curio: UNCENSORED! Join us as we UNpack the following:

*Uncensored as counter-programming to the WWF and a response to ECW
*Filibusterin' on Uncensored '95
*The missed opportunities of Ric Flair in drag
*A defense of the Doomsday Cage (but not really)
*The Tupelo Mullet
*Dusty Rhodes' favorite match of all time ever
*Sting's loss as Lex Luger's gain
*Age in the Cage III
*Dean Malenko's first-class ticket to LOSERVILLE
*A brief history of Mikey Whipwreck
*Age in the Cage IV
*The horror of a hypothetical Uncensored 1991
*The Strawng Style Apple Pie Strap Match
*Lumberjacks in arm casts 
*Why Uncensored may be the most representative show of Eric Bischoff's WCW

All this, plus official WCW Survey Says Fan Mail and a very special UNveiling of our next show topic! Truly, more plundah than one podcast can contain. Become KING of the Road to WrestleMania with a little detour, courtesy of Survey Says. IT'S UNCENSORED! ​


Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #10

February 14, 2018
Andy and Tim are back and guest-less this month with a potpourri edition of Survey Says! We run the gamut, touching on such topics as:
  • The surprising demand for late '90s wrestling action figures
  • WCW in 1997 and 1998- which year did it better?
  • Eric Bischoff's rather suspect SARSA formula for success (Story! Anticipation! Reality! Surprise! Action! In that particular order? Look, it spells SARSA!)
  • The unsung virtues of Perry Saturn, Human Springboard Machine
  • Shower thoughts, starring Disco Inferno... innovator of offense? (Not really.)

Plus contractually-obligated shout-outs, inside jokes, and Movies for Guys Who Like Movies. Join us for the questionable taste and unbridled irreverence you have come to expect on this stripped down, UNPLUGGED Survey Says!


Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #9

January 21, 2018

Remember 1994? Remember O. J., Forrest Gump, Warren G, and STP? Remember Pulp Fiction, Shawshank, Tupac, and Biggie? Remember WCW? And a podcast called Survey Says? Well, Andy and Tim return to the tape machines with another recording from the archives to help jog your memory. The boys are back and joined by the always insightful and entertaining Andrew Riche to revisit the year in pop culture, and more importantly, World Championship Wrestling. Andrew recounts his own WCW origin story with nostalgic memories of this pivotal year for the promotion. The "Triad" then delves into the finer points - and rougher edges - of 1994 PPVs Spring Stampede and Slamboree for the second half of our show!

*Anatomical hot takes, featuring: Lord Steven Regal, Barry Windham, and Ric Flair
*Johnny B. Badd, Good, or somewhere in the middle?
*Kayfabing Bunkhouse Buck's fashion faux pas
*Cactus Jack setting the tone for wild tag team brawls
*Flair and Steamboat still managing to kick all the ass
*The bizarre yet appealing patchwork show that is Slamboree
*Terry Funk running away with the show
*WCW's surprisingly astute ability to read the room in Philly
*And the comeback of a somewhat distressing white guy hair cut

And much moar! Fire up some Bush and throw on your fanny pack for this time capsule edition of Survey Says.


Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #8

July 16, 2017
A nearly lost episode of Survey Says, at last salvaged from the digital depths and dusted off to assume its rightful place in the canon. For on this edition, we throw it back to the time when Harry met Taylor: 1989! Andy and Tim are joined by guest Todd Weber, who brings his firsthand recollections of this magical year for the National Wrestling Alliance. Topics you'll encounter as we weave in and out of the promotion's various major shows and storylines include:

*A remarkably young and ahead of his time Eddie Gilbert

*The period-specific sex appeal of Michael Hayes

*Rick Steiner and his motley cast of (sometimes imaginary) supporting characters

*Kevin Sullivan: decorated collegiate athlete and part-time druid

*Paul E. Dangerously's less-than-original Original Midnight Express

*Rocket pushes for the returning Ricky Steamboat and Terry Funk

*Ric Flair's legendary performances, sans Horsemen 
*The Great Muta, Hiro Matsuda, Gary Hart's J-Tex Corporation, and the ensuing "Japanese Panic"

PLUS: break-dancing Vince Young, our favorite jobber tag team, and a surprising analog for Dick Slater! All this, wrapped up in our signature deep cuts. Given the timing of this recording, we also hope you enjoy our references to events, appearances, and holidays that have already taken place.

Todd Weber is the producer extraordinaire for the Place To Be Nation POP! family of podcasts, where he hosts Conversation Comics. He can be found AT toddweberguitar on Twitter.


Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #7

April 19, 2017

It's WCW: Outta the Box as Andy and Tim proudly welcome Special Guest Star and Place to Be Bookerman, JT Rozzero to Survey Says! JT brings his extensive knowledge and personal recollections growing up as a fan in sampling some of the more unusual presentations, high concepts, and themed shows that would go down in history as uniquely WCW. We're talking Spring Breakout! The MGM/Disney tapings! Beaches Blast AND Bash (and Brawl?) The very first Nitro! Sturgis!  Uncensored! All this, plus: Turner Time, how does it work? A coincidental PTB connection to SnowBrawl. JT's dreadful Souled Out rewatch. Tim's mom's favorite wrestling match. And Young Andy's near-tragedy at the Mall of America. Don't miss this yacht-rocking good time with the Purveyors of the Plundah on Survey Says!


Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #6 - Part 2

March 7, 2017

Andy, Tim, and special guest star Travis Banks conclude their February PPV cavalcade with SuperBrawls VI through 2001! Highlights include: Public Enemy immediately justifying their 2-year WCW tenure; the mechanics of a "worked shoot" angle; heel Lex Luger as a very Sometimes Food; Museum Mania with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper (directed by Terrence Malick); a SOMEWHAT UNIQUE way of marking the time between Scott Steiner's heel turn and its eventual payoff; Kayfabe Crime Story: The People vs. H.H. Hogan; SuperBrawl IX: Seinfeld Gif Edition; the worst match Tim has ever seen (really); and Reginald VelJohnson (not really). PLUS: a mea culpa from Travis? All topped off by a spontaneous Festival of Friendship.

Follow Travis on Twitter @travis_banks, and Survey Says will return in just a few short weeks when Spring (among other things) is in the air!


Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #6 - Part 1

February 9, 2017

For this super-sized edition of Survey Says, Andy and Tim are joined by perhaps the most CONTROVERSIAL guest in P2B history - the outlaw vigilante loose cannon known as Travis Banks - for a topic so big that no single episode could contain it! That means two times (two times) the fun this month as the gang looks back at WCW's (mostly) February tradition: SuperBrawl! In part one, THRILL TO: a pair of surprisingly relevant debuts; the SPCA having a field day with Kevin Sullivan; SuperBrawl II: The Hot Take Edition; The Wacky Misadventures of Missy Hyatt; a therapeutic way to talk about Chris Benoit; behind the scenes at the White Castle of Fear; the longest midcard match of all time; Paul Roma's last stand; the agony and the ecstasy of Vader... and that's just for starters! You'll also learn why friends don't let friends take their mothers to TNA house shows, and we induct a very special WCW Survey Says Fan of the Month. This description is desperately out of room, but keep your podcast listening device tuned to Place to Be Nation Wrestling for our second half, coming soon.


Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #5

December 31, 2016

Tim and Andy welcome longtime notable WCW fan and wrestling entrance theme expert, the esteemed Glenn Butler for a look back at the music of World Championship wrestling! Andy plays DJ [Ran], turning the focus to a few lesser-known and underrated tunes, while Tim generally makes life miserable for Andy in the editing booth. AND! Brace yourselves for the shoddy lyrics to an otherwise instrumental-only theme that you will never hear the same way again. Indeed, this episode proves to be an education as we trace the origins of some of the more (in)famous themes from a promotion not always known for the most ...original... in-house production efforts (in short: they're not all from '70s pornos). It's a slammin' and jammin' good time as Survey Says gets all up in your area!