September 18, 2022

You Tube Roulette #17

On this episode of YouTube roulette, get your ear buds ready for a sandwich metaphor. A surprisingly fun MLW Wargames match, Daniel Garcia fun, and stick around for bad matches including Baby Bull Leon White vs Stan Hanson and an equally bad Duggan/Gordy match.

August 20, 2022

You Tube Roulette #16

On episode 16 of YouTube Roulette Scott, Matt, Logan and Jake spin the wheel and live watch another 4 random matches. Included are: a quick bout between Eddie Kingston and Stokely Hathaway, Jacob Fatu and LA Park battling in a No DQ match for the gigantic MLW title, Speedball Mike Bailey taking on Matt Riddle in Ireland, and Masha Slamavich and Allie Katch show the dangerous mix of borscht and sand as they fight on the beach.

July 16, 2022

You Tube Roulette #15

On episode 15 of YouTube Roulette, Scott, Matt, Logan and Jake spin the wheel and live watch another 4 random (and very visually stimulating) matches. Included are: The Outsiders taking on Giant and Luger in Germany, Mike Bailey vs Josh Alexander in a parking lot, Mankind vs Bret Hart on Shotgun Saturday Night, and finally, Jushin Liger vs Ultimo Dragon in the Tokyo Dome. 

June 18, 2022

You Tube Roulette #14

On episode 14 of YouTube Roulette, Shawn, Scott, Matt, Logan and Jake spin the wheel and live watch another 4 random matches. Included are: a 26 minute 8 minute match between Kurt Angle and Cody Rhodes, Walter destroying Darby Allen, a bloody insane Pentagon vs. Vampiro match and close with a Mongolian Stretcher match between Andre and Killer Khan!

May 21, 2022

You Tube Roulette #13

In this episode of PTBN YouTube Roulette, the Fab Five reunite for some matches that have some of gang in crisis. Host Logan leads the crew as Shawn picks a match with Jake's close friend Mike Bailey taking on Penta El Zero, Scott causes a seismic shift-lett in the match rankings with a Jeff Jarrett/Lawler match from 2010, Matt has Logan threatening to quit by picking a nearly half hour Balls Mahoney/D'Lo match, and Jake takes it home with an interesting, if confusing, bout between Marty Jones and FIt Finlay from 1984.

April 16, 2022

You Tube Roulette #12

In the newest edition of PTB Roulette, Shawn is out investigating the mountains and the rest of the guys each choose a match. We see noted real estate agent Mordecai show off his next listing vs Gangrel in a first “blood” match. Then, strap in as we see one of the best spots ever in a match from Lucha Underground. Our third match is an XPW bout that has to be seen to be believed. We close out with a forgettable CM Punk vs Raven match with a special appearance by drywall Cabana. So strap in and check out YouTube Roulette!
March 19, 2022

You Tube Roulette #11

On this episode of Youtube Roulette, It was “Man of Balance” Matt’s turn to spin the roulette wheel and he landed on a match between Abdullah the Butcher and Zeus (yes that Zeus) from Puerto Rico where a member of the panel asks if Abdullah’s legs were decapitated, Masato Tanaka vs “The Gladiator” Mike Awesome from Japan that has the gang discuss mullet padding, a Curt Hennig vs Dennis Rodman match from i-Generation Wrestling that shocks the crew, and a violent Fight Without Honor from ROH between Kevin Steen and El Generico that takes a member of the panel 37 hours to rate.

February 19, 2022

You Tube Roulette #10

In this episode of PTBN YouTube Roulette, Shawn returns to the pod with Logan, Scott, Matt, and Jake as they spin the wheel for some aquatic matches. They swerve Shawn with a Shark Boy classic before heading to Japan for a piranha deathmatch. They follow it up with a War of the Worlds match with the Briscoes, Okada, and Nak, and finish with a banger AAA match from 1995 between Rey and Psicosis.

On this edition of PTBN: YouTube Roulette, it was Logan's turn to spin the YouTube roulette, and he came up with a Rumble of Lightning speed proportions from Wrestling Society X, an intergender sprint between Taya and Brian Cage from Lucha Underground, a brutal and honestly shockingly good Sammartino vs Hansen cage match,, and ends it with an absolute 5 star classic stiff fest between Kenta Kobashi and Samoa Joe. Join Jake, Scott, Matt, and Logan as they enjoy the matches and get into all sorts of wackiness and debauchery!

December 18, 2021

You Tube Roulette #8

On episode 8 of PTBN YouTube Roulette, its a special Christmas episode as the group decks the halls with Stan and Terry with Hansen and Funk matches from Japan! Topics include Shawn forgetting the show name, a Funks tag against Hansen and Gordy with the “Von Erichs” at ringside, controversial Funk/Onita takes, a 5 star Meltzer special with a Hansen/Kobashi war that one host gets the third degree on and ends with a lackluster Snuka/Hansen vs. Funks match that had 5 star commercials that popped the crowd! So join us for a lariats, blood, explosions and rope swing Holiday celebration on this edition of YouTube Roulette!

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