On the newest episode of Wrestling's Chicken Salad join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and Shawn Kidd as they talk all things Backlash 2005. After catching up on real life for a couple of minutes we get down to business. Topics discussed include a great opener and a definition of a hidden classic, the pedigree the heartthrobs (bonus points if you remember them), the pedigree, a brutal last man standing match, Logan going all Dr Phil when talking about the Kane and Lita relationship, the pedigree, pervy old man Jerry Lawler, the pedigree, a steaming pile of neckbones, the pedigree, this whole show being very un PC and making it past the Peacock censors, the pedigree, Mr Jiggles, the pedigree, duelling Vince impressions, the pedigree, HHH Wank Fest 05, the pedigree, Ben trying to rap, the pedigree, a drinking game during an underwhelming main event and did we mention the pedigree? We end with some awards and reveal what we will be watching next month. Come for the concept but stay for the pedigree, its Wrestling's Chicken Salad!

On the newest Saturday Special, Scott & Dr. G recap this week's POWERRSURGE, including big news on who the next #1 contender for the World Title will be! Also Trevor Murdoch, Thunder Rosa and more! Also news on who's being added backstage in the NWA as well as the next chapter in the NWA vs. Dave Marquez war. So sit back with your coffee and enjoy the newest episode of the Saturday Special!

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On episode 15 of the returning NWA Crock and Roll the boys are back and joined by guest Scott Shiflett (Blockbuster Rewind, Pop Goes to the Couch, Battlestar in the 25th Century) and begin a 4 part mini series journey of watching 28 random bouts looking at wrestling matches of wrestlers before they joined Crockett promotions in April 85. First 7 matches look at Tully Blanchard, The Rock n Roll Express, Superstar Billy Graham, Magnum TA, Manny Fernandez, Brett Sawyer and Ric Flair in bouts that include the likes of Tito Santana, Gino Hernandez, Ernie Ladd, Ted Dibiase, Doctor Death Steve Williams, Bruno Sammartino and so much more! From New York to Japan, from 1975-1984, from 2/3 Falls to Word Title matches, from awful to hidden gem, all bases covered in part 1 of “Before They Were Crockett!”

No Network needed, all Matches can be found on You Tube.

Place To Be Nation… Welcome back and join us once again on the Highway to the Impact Zone. Join host Logan Crosland and his student Jake Williams, as they are joined by TNA experts Ben Locke and Lewis Maynard. In this episode they take a look at three episodes of Impact from December 31st-January 14th. They discuss topics such as: Thoughts on 2004 TNA and Where We Are Going Forward, Traci and Trinity: Bitchy Teenagers, Weirdest 6 Man Teams Ever?, More Piper Racism, Daniels Breaking Out on His Own, “Quite Proficient” Dustin Rhodes, Kings Of Wrestling In Sombreros, More Watts-Raven-DDP Stupidness, Weird Cutoffs At The End Of Episodes, Jeff Hammond Training?, Random Comeback of Chris Candido, Award Winners, The Naturals Quiz, Solid Roode vs Sabin Match, The Return of David Young….yay…, Kings of Wrestling Imploding, Return of Six Points of Impact, Slackjawed Troglodytes, Awesome Ultimate X Qualifier, and much much more!

Listen and join us on this wild ride through Total Nonstop Action. 


Tyler Kelley and Jacob Williams are back with their GWCW list countdown covering matches #40-31. In episode 7 they cover a little bit of everything, from technical classics to crazy bumping brawls and a heapin' helpin' of great Southern style tag team wrestling.  Check it out and see what matches you agree with, disagree with and how their lists are progressing.

In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin, Scott and George Ribellino are keeping warm by the fire during a frigid winter in the city by digging into the 1/31/92 WWF Madison Square Garden house show!

The crew discuss the always wonderful Herb Kunze Tidbits of the Week, the recently discovered 1992 WWF charity show, the future of Ted DiBiase, the final appearance of Kerry Von Erich, Shawn Michaels' heel debut in MSG, Marty Jannetty's legal issues, a great Sid performance, an interesting Bret Hart/Undertaker battle, Randy Savage getting revenge on Jake Roberts and more, including end of show awards!

So fire up this action-packed episode and join Scott, Justin & Dr. G as it’s time for another edition of the PTB Podcast!

Rory McNamara is back to root around the attic for the very best (and worst!) the Home Video Classics section of the WWE Network has to offer.

Today he welcomes back his fellow Special Relation Mr Calum McDougall to look at the beginnings of The Undertaker's Purple Gloves period. No, come back!!
They discuss obscure Switzerland players, Bragging Rights 2009, why everybody seems to hate poor old Chronological Order....and oh yeah, some utterly terrible wrestling matches too!

PWL Ep. 23 (WWF 1988-97 pt 3):  Pro Wrestling Love coming at you hot & heavy right here on the Place To Be Nation, Marty “Superstar” Sleeze & Pete (PeteF3 on PWO) are back for more as they continue their march through the Top 25 WWF Matches of 1988-1997. They are the half way point going through #15-#11. There is way more discussion about Ultimate Warrior and Sid Vicious than anyone would ever think of on a “Best Of” pro wrestling podcast, but Marty  & Pete aren’t normal fans. Pete explains Sid’s entire arc as Sid Justice. While Marty tries desperately to prove Sid is a better wrestler than Warrior, but comes up short in terms of matches. Marty continues to extol the virtues of babyface vs babyface wrestling and how Bret Hart is the King of the genre. Pete gets in on the action picking one of his own. The Rockers get plenty of love on Pro Wrestling Love. After Marty declares who the greatest stomper is on all time in the last episode, he makes a bold proclamation on who has the best toe kick. They wrap up this episode discussing if the British Bulldog was high as a kite or just blowed the hell up. Listen to all this and so much on the Pro Wrestling Episode #23! Let us know what you think and keep spreading the Pro Wrestling Love!

A day late, but just as exciting as on Saturday! On the newest (day after) Saturday Special, Scott & Dr. G discuss the successful partnership between Fite TV and the NWA, then they recap last week's Powerrr including Trevor Murdoch being painted into a corner, at TV Title match and more jaw jacking between Kamille and Thunder Rosa, So sit back with the SUNAY paper and your coffee and check out the newest episode of the Saturday Special!

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On the newest episode of the Main Event, Scott Nate & Steve are joined by their friend Brandon Thurston (Wrestlenomics) to discuss WWE's first quarter as Nick Khan flexes his muscle. They talk money, ratings, live events, AEW-Impact and much more. It's a full show discussion so sit back and enjoy the newest episode of the Main Event!

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