The latest episode of the Place to Be Podcast may be the best one yet as wrestling star John Walters joins Scott & Justin for in depth interview that delves deep into his experiences in the business. John lets loose as he talks about his career path, the current wrestling landscape and the future of the business, his experiences in ROH, overseas and WWE, his views on fan reactions, steroids, and his thoughts on the Chris Benoit incident, a man he had a personal relationship with earlier in the decade. We hope you enjoy this insightful chat with this well traveled wrestler and let us know what you think or if you have any follow up questions for the man now known as RJ Brewer!

On the newest Place to be Podcast, Derrick Leroux joins Scott and Justin to hit up some headlines, including talk about Rock vs. John Cena, a discussion on the past decade of WWE booking and business moves, WWE's direction heading into Wrestlemania XXVII, tonight's Heat/Knicks game, the frustration that is TNA, a look at this week's movie Box Office numbers and a quick eulogy for Duke Snyder.

Check it out and get us some feedback!

In the newest episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Andrew Riche and Matt Rotella join the show to break down the first half of the NBA season, including talks on how some trades will shake up the league, potential contraction and labor stoppage, a little NBA history lesson and predictions for the second half. It was a spirited and intelligent hoops roundtable, so check it out and get us your feedback!

We got a new episode up tonight.

The tremendous Leeanne Griffin joins us to talk about her food blog, her career as a freelance writer and the philosophy of the Jersey Shore.

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On this all new episode of The Place to Be Podcast, Justin, Scott and Matt review Wrestlemania II and also hit up some reader feedback.

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On this all new episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Matt Rotella joins Scott & Justin to talk about the Rock's return to WWE, the upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV and Raw 2/21/11 as well as a tribute to the late Uncle Leo of Seinfeld fame and a quick update discussion on Albert Pujols and the Cardinals.

Check it out and hit us up with any feedback you may have! Enjoy!

Join Scott & Justin as they travel back through the WWF archives to review Wrestlemania I. They go match by match, giving their opinions of each bout as well as the historical context and significance of the show. Please share any criticisms or memories of this show that you may have and enjoy this episode's trek through time.

Join Scott & Justin for the second episode of the Place to Be podcast. In this installment, Scott & Justin run through all 30 MLB franchises and grade the offseason performance for each team. Chime in and let us know how smart or stupid we really are! Thanks again for listening!

February 11, 2011

Inaugural Episode

Join Scott & Justin for the very first episode of the Place to Be podcast. They talk about what the show is about and then run through some various headlines including discussion on the NFL Lockout, Jerry Sloan, the WWE Channel, 2/21/11 and Jersey Shore. They also talk about future guests and episodes. Enjoy the show!

February 9, 2011


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