In the newest PTB Podcast, Scott & Justin kick open the Vintage Vault and find out to be the Man, you need to beat the Man as they review the 1992 Royal Rumble. Grab your robe and start strutting down that aisle as it's time to rumble!! 

In the newest Place to Be Podcast, Scott and Justin recap Summerslam and the ensuing fallout before running through a wide variety of wrestling headlines. Kick back and enjoy as the guys catch you up on the world of wrestling

In the latest PTB Podcast, Scott & Justin bust open the Vintage Vault and head deep into the heart of Texas because there was a big time event there...This Tuesday in Texas! Grab some snacks and settle in as we close out the PPV Year of 1991

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August 15, 2011

Episode 55: Stevie Richards

In the newest episode of the PTB Podcast, the great Stevie Richards joins Scott & Justin for a tremendous, lengthy in depth interview. Stevie talks about his career, his views on the business, and his current role with Lucha Libre USA and his T4 Tech Show. Tune in and enjoy the trip through time with the original King of Swing!

In this special episode of the PTB Podcast, Scott & Justin preview this weekend's Summerslam, talk about some wrestling news and booking ideas and read your feedback as well. Enjoy the show and bring us your feedback as always!

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On the newest PTB Vintage Vault, Scott and Justin carve up the turkey, dish out the potatoes and cap it all off with a big side of stuffing because it's time for the 1991 Survivor Series! Relive this classic event and share your feedback with us as well!

In the newest episode of the PTB Podcast, List-a-Mania returns! Scott and Justin run through Summerslam history and rank the greatest matches, venues, events and more. Feel the heat and share your lists as well as we count our way down to this year's Summerslam!!

In the newest edition of the PTB Podcast, Scott & Justin crack open the Vintage Vault for a trip back to Summerslam 1991. They are ready for a match made in Heaven...and a match made in Hell! Get your tux on and join us for this trek through time and also share your feedback!

On the 50th episode of the PTB Podcast, Scott & Justin run the gamut of headlines. They talk summer movies with 411Mania's Joseph Lee and then break down the past week in wrestling as well as the NFL Free Agent Frenzy. They then close the show with Todd Weber's acceptance speech and a chat with groom to be Matt Rotella. Thank you for listening and get us your feedback!

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