On this week's post-Thanksgiving edition of the Extra Point, Scott and the Doctor go over the games from NFL Week 13 followed by a preview of Week 14. They discuss the situation in college football with only one week before the playoffs are set. They're then joined by MLB analyst Joel Barnhart to talk Major League hot stove a week before the Winter Meetings. So sit back and enjoy the newest edition of the Extra Point! Send your questions and comments to extrapoint@placetobenation.com, and follow us on Twitter @P2BExtraPoint!

Todd is away this week, so we had Bleacher Report's College Football Assistant Editor, Eric Bowman sit in for him. Eric gives his take on what this weekend's huge match-ups are to the conference championships and the upcoming playoff. Plus, Eric is a Georgia grad so we discussed what would have happened had Todd Gurley not been suspended earlier this season. ​

It's Thanksgiving Week! The Main Event settles into the season as Scott Criscuolo is joined by Andrew Riche, Jordan Duncan, Steve Wille and "Dr G" George Ribellino to discuss last Sunday's Survivor Series. Then they dissect wwe.com's list of "100 matches to see before you die". So cook the turkey, put football on mute and enjoy this "gobbledy-good" edition of the Main Event!

On Episode 23 of The Kevin Kelly Show, Kevin welcomes back PTBN favorite Dr. Tom Prichard. Tom talks about what he is thankful for, booking styles in the past in contrast to modern day, his favorites bookers to work with, his thoughts on John Laurinaitis, whether or not he would purchase WWE if he had the chance and much more! Kevin & JR then discuss Thanksgiving wrestling memories, Survivor Series, TNA and more before hitting up the always popular trending topics! They then close things out with a couple of Turkey Day themed gamesSo please join us for another great episode of the Kevin Kelly Show!

The NBA makes the rules, and leave it to Place To Be Nation's NBA-Team to break them! Andrew Riche and Adam Murray are back to discuss the league's status as a whole and debate what can be done to make it better. What type of rules changes would be welcome on the court? Why don't lottery teams play it out for the right to the #1 draft pick? Will there ever be an NBA franchise in Europe? How do we build must-watch rivalries again? And what about that proposed 4-point line? Suit up and take it out with PTBN's NBA-Team.

In this special PTBN Survivor Series Rewind, Ben is joined by Glenn, Steve and Jordan to discuss Survivor Series 2009. They talk about the failed pushes of midcard talent, the dual triple threat title matches, the state of the WWE in 2009 and much more.

Will is joined by Johnny Sorrow, David Bixenspan, Phil Schneider and Kris Zellner to recap the events from this year's Survivor Series. What did they think of Sting's debut? What about Henry's early exit? The plight of Dean Ambrose? Tune in to find out!

In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin and Scott welcome Jason Greenhouse, Aaron George and George Ribellino to live watch the fourth episode of WWF Saturday Night's Main Event from 1/4/86! 

As they wrap up they award the Most 80s Person, Most 80s Hair, Most Federation Years moment, Match of the Night and overall grade for the show 

So fire up this action-packed episode and join Scott, Justin, Jason, Aaron & George because it is time for another edition of the PTB Podcast

On a special PTBN Survivor Series Rewind, it's a Brad and Chad Show + Place to Be Podcast SUPER SHOW as Brad, Chad, Scott and Justin get together to talk Survivor Series 1998. The guys talk about the WWF in 1998, the Undertaker's character work, the best one-night tournament narratives, where the show ranks overall in the history of the Survivor Series, and much more.

Join Steven Graham, Dan McGinn and Aaron George as take a look back at Survivor Series 1989. Is this the greatest open to a PPV ever? Where does the show rank all-time? All this and much more in this PTBN Survivor Series Rewind Special.

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