In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin and Scott welcome Roger "Cowboy" Morrissette, Steve Wille, and Chad Campbell to live watch the 5/17 and 5/24 Monday Night Raws of 1993. The guys discuss The Steiner Brothers, King of the Ring 1993, Jim Duggan, Burt Centeno, Tatanka, 1-2-3 Kid and more!

Each show is also graded on a 1-10 scale and the guys also choose the Match of the Night, "Most 90s Person" and "Best Mullet" of each episode as well.

So fire up this action-packed episode and join Scott, Justin, Chad, Roger and Steve because it is time for another edition of the PTB Podcast!

Join Josh and Jeff as they discuss Saul's "heroics" and the Oscars. Also, Josh has a gripe with Jeff's brothers in blue. Plus: Is Vince Gilligan racist for setting the show in the ABQ? Finally, the age old question of who is has better....ummmm.. oral skills between Drake or Big Sean is finally solved, Sort of. Sit back and try to make it to the end of an all new Richer and The Mailman!

Happy birthday to...

Ring of Honor!

The WWE Network!

This week, the Optimism is back as Brad Stutts and Dan McGinn have an in-depth conversation with Graham Cawthon about the origins of the website in February 2002, the state of pro wrestling on the internet at that time, legends that found the site early on, and how the site has grown into a community of wrestling fans (including, years ago, Scott & JR of The Place to Be).

They also talk sifting through rumors and misinformation, shoot interviews, newspaper clippings, ring results, interviews, fan photos, books, T-shirts, Graham's favorite things, and what the future of the site has in store.

For the next month, is celebrating the big 1-3 with a Pro Wrestling Tees T-shirt contest. Click here for details:

Questions or comments? Tweet the guys @stuttsy, @thehistoryofwwe and @DMacP2B and don’t forget to use the hashtag #optimism.

In the newest edition of the Main Event, Scottie C. is joined by Jordan Duncan, Andrew Riche and Jason Greenhouse to recap WWE FastLane, then did early WrestleMania analysis. They bring up the question of: Is Roman Reigns the victim in the WWE's creative mess? Plus they tackle the news of the day in wrestling. So sit back and enjoy the newest edition of the Main Event!

On Episode 29 of The Kevin Kelly Show, Kevin & JR discuss the news of the day, including AJ Lee’s Twitter comments, Brock Lesnar’s issues at Raw, Fastlane, Lana and Natalya, what ails WWE and more. Kevin also shares insight on Triple H, Brock Lesnar and Vince Russo from his experience in WWE.

Kevin then welcomes in former WWE superstar and current DDP Yoga instructor and spokesman Stevie Richards! Stevie talks about DDP Yoga, living in the accountability crib, his love of cats as well as touching on his career and experience visiting Ring of Honor in Atlanta. Stevie also gets Kevin set up on the DDP Yoga program to kick off his very own weight loss journey.

The boys then wrap with a trip through Trending Topics with looks at net neutrality, Keith Olbermann, rats and more and close up shop with some sports talk and Kevin attempting to predict the future!

So please join us for another great episode of the Kevin Kelly Show!

It's an NBA-Team Podcast episode so epic, we had to split it into two parts. In our second edition recapping the trade deadline, Andrew Riche and Adam Murray discuss what nostalgia really means to fans and teams as Kevin Garnett goes back to the Minnesota Timberwolves after an emotional exit. Which teams got better or worse and did some teams do the right thing by standing pat? They also discuss George Karl in Sacramento, the all-powerful force that is Russell Westbrook, and Javale McGee just because we can. So suit up and take it out with PTBN's NBA-Team!

After a week off, like the rest of the NBA did during the All Star break, Adam Murray and Andrew Riche are back with a double shot to catch up on one of the wildest trade deadlines in NBA history. In this edition, the NBA-Team discusses the implosion of the Phoenix Suns, the re-implosion of the Philadelphia 76ers, how much of a chance Adam's Celtics still might have, and the many risks of the Michael Carter-Williams/Brandon Knight swap in Milwaukee. So suit up and take it out with PTBN's NBA-Team.

The WWE is on the road to WrestleMania and we take a pit stop in Memphis for WWE Fast Lane. Will is joined by Kris Zellner, Johnny Sorrow & Pete (Titans of Wrestling) and Dylan Hales (Wrestling Culture). Johnny and Will go Ivan and Nikita on the rest of the panel. Reigns and Bryan tear the house down but how does the booking affect our enjoyment? Did any of the undercard matches deliver? Is anyone looking forward to WrestleMania after this show? So few answers... so many more questions.

In this new episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Scott, Justin and Chad put together the best all-time PPV cards for July and August. Be sure to vote below on which month had a stronger lineup and also check out our previous podcast entries in the series as well!

So fire up this action packed episode and join Scott, Justin and Chad because it is time for another edition of the PTB Podcast!

Tune in to this week's edition of the Sports Lounge.  Your host, the Cowboy, is joined by Lounge mainstays Andy Flanagan, Cowboy Sr, and Keith Schmidt.  Cowboy and the crew start their MLB season previews with an in depth look at the AL East. After the break, your favorite podcasters attempt to engage in a discussion about the NBA Western Conference when they are rudely interrupted by host of the PTBN Extra Point, Scott Criscuolo. Needless to say, fireworks ensue. Scott declares war on the Lounge and Cowboy gladly accepts.  This is one of the more heated exchanges in the history of PTBN! As always, light up a cigar and grab a drink because there's plenty of room on the sofa in the PTBN Sports Lounge.

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