Will is joined by Kris Zellner (Exile on Badstreet), Dylan Hales (Wrestling Culture), and Pete & Johnny Sorrow (Titans of Wrestling). We'll run down the card, the Mania moments, the greatest matches and the surprise ending! Also, this show has more false finishes than the Return of the King! Enjoy!

Will is joined by PTBN's Scott Criscuolo and Johnny Sorrow (Titans, Brainbuster) as they recap the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame. We go over our favorite moments from each induction as well as our favorite moments from the careers of the Hall of Famers. Was this one of the best Hall of Fame ceremonies ever? Listen and find out! ​

In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin and Scott are joined by Roger Morrissette and Chad Campbell to discuss King of the Ring 1993. They talk about the tournament, the fallout from the show, WWF's feud with USWA, Hulk Hogan's departure, Bret Hart's big night and more.

In addition to that, the boys are joined by Kendra and Wes Mayle. Kendra and Wes were the two children interviewed by Terry Taylor inside the Nutter Center during the King of the Ring PPV. They catch us up on their lives since that night, their memories of the interview, their wrestling fandom and much more!

To wrap, Scott and Justin also discuss the new schedule for the show going forward.

In one of the most electric episodes in history, join Scott with Ben Morse, Andrew Riche, Will H from PWO and debuting guest Aubrey Sitterson preview WrestleMania Sunday with a unique roundtable discussion on the show and what the results would mean for WWE's future. So sit back and enjoy the fireworks for the latest edition of the Main Event!

Get out your markers because we are playing "Bingo" on this week's Richer and The Mailman!

After running through last week's failures and all of the Easter Eggs thus far, the duo discuss all that is to hate about Nancy Kettleman plus even more to like about Mike. And of course....everything Saul.

Later they come up with a plan to finance the podcast, discuss Jesus' similarities to Jigsaw and actually somewhat agree about Chris Borland's decision to try to avoid dementia in his later years.

So sit back and listen to a show more exciting than hearing numbers and letters called on this week's episode of Richer & The Mailman!

On the newest, and abbreviated episode of the Kevin Kelly Show, Kevin and JR talk about parenting issues and then preview WrestleMania 31 as well as chatting about the weekend festivities, the burgeoning potential war between ROH and NXT and more.

Kevin then welcomes in ROH sensation MOOSE. Moose calls in from the airpot and talks about when he became a fan, who was his favorite wrestler, his love or lack thereof for football, his thoughts on recent NFL retirees, his experience at the tryout camp for Ring of Honor and more. He also calls out of ROH's champions!

On this special edition of the NBA-Team Podcast, as the NCAA Tournament is in full swing, Andrew Riche and Adam Murray talk all things Kentucky basketball. They talk about the program's rich history from Adolph Rupp to John Calipari, the recent influx of NBA one-and-done talent in Lexington, and if any team can take down the mighty Wildcats in March Madness. Riche and Adam also pick their starters from Calipari's crop and mock Daniel Orton some more. So suit up and take it out with the all-UK edition PTBN's NBA-Team Podcast!

On the newest MEGA-edition of the Extra Point, we break down the upcoming baseball season. Scott & The Doctor are joined by MLB analyst Joel Barnhart to break down the six divisions, give out award predictions and who will win the World Series. So sit back and watch the snow melt (depending where you live) and get ready for the new season with the newest episode of the XP!

Send your questions and comments to extrapoint@placetobenation.com, and follow us on Twitter @P2BExtraPoint!

In this month's PTBN Rewind series installment, Justin Rozzero is joined by Kevin Kelly, Ben Morse and Roger Morrissette to relive WrestleMania 13. Is it truly a one match show? Is the Submission Match the greatest match in WrestleMania history? Was Rocky Maivia booked liked a pussy? Did Shawn Michaels add to or detract from the main event? Did someone almost die in Street Fight? The boys answer these questions and many, many more, so turn up the heat and tune in to March's PTBN Rewind Podcast!

This week on Richer and The Mailman do Better Call Saul, Josh and Jeff are back to discuss why the world needs tragedy and poor decisions...... Or at least concede that without it, ABQ, Ball'more, and New Jersey would be as boring as wherever it is that you live.

They discuss the in and outs of the tearjerker that was "Five-O" and Jonathan Banks' chance at an Emmy, Josh listens to Jeff try to make himself feel better about the Patriots loss of Darrelle Revis, and the two outline how St Patrick's Day can reach that elusive next level for holidays.

Plus: more wagers!

So check out this edition of Richer and The Mailman!

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