Technology's SNAFUs return as Sports Evolution was hit with the IT bugaboo, but we do have an hour of the Cowboys and Schmitty talking the World Series and the early games in NFL Week 8. And let's be honest, half of this show is still better than a full sports podcast somewhere else. So sit back and enjoy this abbreviated version of the Sports Evolution!

It's not November 5, 1955, or even November 5, 1985, but that won't stop Andrew Riche and Adam Murray of Place To Be Nation's NBA-Team from trying in vain to predict what is to come in the 2015-16 season in the National Basketball Association. On this fun edition, Riche and Adam predict Finals match-ups, award winners, growing trends, best and worst moves, rookies to watch, and teams under intense pressure as the season gets going. They also discuss the contractual value of "glue guys," most likely Vine's, the legitmacy of the Most Improved Player award, first-time All Star's, toughest teams to figure out, whether or not Russell Westbrook could play power forward, and much more. So suit up and take it out with the NBA-Team! we were never going to come back. A brand new episode of Main Event has Scott chatting with Jordan Duncan, Ben Morse and Glenn Butler about Hell in a Cell and they come up with new ideas for WWE Network programming, including ideas for their original shows. Then they get their...2 minutes. So sit back and enjoy the newest episode of the Main Event!

Our monthly Rewind series gets spooky as host Ben Morse (@BenJMorse) is joined by the Dangerous Alliance Wrestling Podcast crew of JT Rozzero, Good Ol' Will & Dan McGinn to talk WCW Halloween Havoc 1990. The guys talk about what they were watching at the time, Sting's title reign as compared to the Ultimate Warrior, the absurdity of The Black Scorpion, Doom, The Nasty Boys, Hot Tub Time Machine and much more!

"Focus Up" is comedian, professional wrestling manager, podcast host, and ESPN True Hoop contributor, Chris Trew's catchphrase and message to everyone listening to this week's episode. Trew is also the creator and host of the touring act, "Air Sex."

If you haven't heard of the show "Air Sex" is a way to bring folks together in participating in the art form of air humping your way to fame and glory in front of thousands of people. We spent the first half of the show discussing this and his work with professional wrestling.

This is the perfect episode for Halloween week, as you may die laughing.

In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin and Scott deliver the PTBP's fifth annual Halloween Spooktacular! They celebrate the holiday by throwing another giant podcast party and welcome in a group of costumed party goers for discussions on all things Halloween including masked wrestlers, Halloween Havoc, costumes and more! And of course there are surprise guests and tons of laughs along the way!

So fire up this action-packed episode, grab a pumpkin full of candy, put on your costime and join Scott and Justin because it is time for another edition of the PTB Podcast!

Kris Zellner, Dylan Hales, Dave Musgrave, Johnny Sorrow, Pete and El Boricua join Will to talk about Hell In A Cell. Is Zeb and Alberto a match made in Heaven or Hell? What's next for John Cena? Is the Divas Revolution finally catching on? Where does Brock-Taker rank in Hell in a cell history? Is Kane finally going to go away? All this and more!

With Marcus on assignment in New York, Nate welcomes "Booking The Territory" host Mike Mills to the show. They preview the WWE's Hell In A Cell, chat some NFL (including a discussion about Mike's favorite Black QB of all-time), and give their take on the Louisville basketball sex scandal!

Adam Murray and Andrew Riche of Place To Be Nation’s NBA-Team Podcast are ready to jump right in and talk about the 2015-16 season by ranking all the teams from worst to first. Can the Golden State Warriors repeat what felt like a magic carpet ride to the NBA Championship and make even more history or will the doubters be proven right? Did the San Antonio Spurs take a risk by embracing change in an organization so predicated on consistency and togetherness? How much better are LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers compared to the rest of the Eastern Conference? Adam and Riche also discuss James Harden's MVP vengeance tour in Houston, and the increasing pressure in Los Angeles for the loaded Clippers to win now. So suit up and take it out with the NBA-Team!

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