In this episode of PTBN GWWE: Made the Cut, JT and Aaron are continuing to break down their personal lists. Who made the cut? And why? JT & Aaron break it all down, so check it out!

On the newest Main Event Scott & Nate are joined by Ben Morse & Steve Wille and they discuss not one, but TWO New Japan Classic Match picks, and the second has a connection to Wrestlemania next weekend. What is it? Listen to find out!

It's UNsanctioned! UNauthorized! UNbelievable! And, depending on the year, UNsatisfactory! Andy and Tim are back with a timely survey of WCW's mid-'90s conceptual curio: UNCENSORED! Join us as we UNpack the following:

*Uncensored as counter-programming to the WWF and a response to ECW
*Filibusterin' on Uncensored '95
*The missed opportunities of Ric Flair in drag
*A defense of the Doomsday Cage (but not really)
*The Tupelo Mullet
*Dusty Rhodes' favorite match of all time ever
*Sting's loss as Lex Luger's gain
*Age in the Cage III
*Dean Malenko's first-class ticket to LOSERVILLE
*A brief history of Mikey Whipwreck
*Age in the Cage IV
*The horror of a hypothetical Uncensored 1991
*The Strawng Style Apple Pie Strap Match
*Lumberjacks in arm casts 
*Why Uncensored may be the most representative show of Eric Bischoff's WCW

All this, plus official WCW Survey Says Fan Mail and a very special UNveiling of our next show topic! Truly, more plundah than one podcast can contain. Become KING of the Road to WrestleMania with a little detour, courtesy of Survey Says. IT'S UNCENSORED! ​

The Hales two man Power Trip is back to discuss their GWWE lists. Devon and Dylan discuss their process for composing their list and the grievances they had with the final published list. You might hear 1 or 2 HHH burials along the way. 

In Part 4 of this Main Event Special series, Scott Criscuolo & Nate Milton continue their countdown of the 100 Greatest WWE wrestlers of All-Time with #70-61. So sit back and enjoy the next installment of this Main Event Special! 

PTBNGWWE voters Greg Diener and Robert Silva present the third of their four-part series going over the legacies of who they feel are the ten best wrestlers in WWWF/WWF/WWE history.

In Part 3 we look at “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, John Cena and The Undertaker as we look at moments like The War to Settle the Score, Cena’s surprise return at the 2008 Rumble and that time Chuck Norris superkicked Double J at the ’94 Survivor Series.

On the newest Main Event, Scott & Nate break down what happened at Fastlane at on WWE programming, then they call an "audible" (they'll explain) and go down Wrestling History's rabbit hole. So sit back and enjoy this very unique episode of the Main Event!

In this episode of PTBN GWWE: Made the Cut, JT and Aaron are continuing to break down their personal lists. Who made the cut? And why? JT & Aaron break it all down, so check it out!

Adam Murray and Andrew Riche, Place To Be Nation's NBA-Team, are slapping the floor and putting on their NCAA-Team jerseys to dive into the brackets and talk about the 2018 NCAA Tournament. How unexcited is Adam about college basketball this year, and why was the F.B.I. seemingly more interesting this season? Which upset picks did they pick, and how much chalk is there? Riche and Adam also discuss match-up problems, why higher seeds tend to play tight, NBA Draft prospects, Trae Young facing Adam's Rhode Island Rams, and much more! So suit up, slap the floor, and take it out with this March Madness edition of the NBA-Team! (Note- Make sure to fill out a bracket in the Place To Be Nation Bracket Challenge to see how it compares to the picks on this show. It will be titled "NBA-Team Picks." Enjoy March Madness!)

In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin, Scott and Pete Schirmacher are wrapping up the holiday season in New York City by taking a look at the 12/26/87 Madison Square Garden house show!

The boys discuss the culmination of PTBN GWWE and also announce the next reader participation stretch project that will be kicking off soon and then talk about a busy night in the WWF, the 1987 Slammys, a plodding opener, the aimless Rougeaus, the MSG debut of Jim Duggan, another dismal showing for Rockin' Robin, a hot brawl between Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake, the shaky start for Rick Rude, a rare almost kind of average Dino Bravo match, a sadly disappointing Islanders match, MIDGET MANIA~!, another battle between Randy Savage and Honky Tonk Man and more, including end of show awards!

So fire up this action-packed episode and join Scott, Justin & Pete as it’s time for another edition of the PTB Podcast!

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