In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin, Scott and Greg Diener are gutting through a scorching summer in the city by digging into the 7/1/91 Madison Square Garden house show!

The crew discuss the always wonderful Herb Kunze Tidbits of the Week, George Zahorian on trial, a big UWF PPV, Tugboat sinking into a new role, Dino Bravo's new look, the continuing waste of Ricky Steamboat, the arrival of Berzerker, a great Randy Savage appearance, a Hart Foundation reunion, the wonderful Heenan/Fuji feud, a great main event and more, including end of show awards!

So fire up this action-packed episode and join Scott, Justin & Greg as it’s time for another edition of the PTB Podcast!

On Episode 13 (not 12, Calum!) of The Special Relations join the chaps as they celebrate 1 year on the air by breaking Rory's takeover cherry, as they livewatch Takeover R:Evolution
The boys pay tribute to the late Diego Maradona as well as making friends with AEW fans before settling in to watch the show.  Along the way they discuss Scotland's glorious progress to the finals of the Euro 2020 tournament, encounter a spot of dead air where they all thought they had been booted off the chat, natter about some festival faux pas, assess the Jam album 'In the City', share some of our favourite segments from the last year and - when they can be bothered - get involved in some occasional wrestling chat too.  
All this as well as trying to make a fan of NXT out of Rory on the latest episode of The Special Relations!

On the newest episode of the SS, Scott & the Doctor deviate from their original plan and recap last week's UWN Primetime Live show #11, then give the big announcement involving the NWA and a new show? Is truly the POWERRR back on? Listen and find out! And yes, another AEW-centric rant. So sit back with your kettle of coffee and enjoy the newest SS!

NOTE: There will be an episode on the legacy of Starrcade, it will be sometime in December.

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November 27, 2020

Highway to the Impact Zone #13

Place To Be Nation… Welcome back and join us once again on the Highway to the Impact Zone. Join host Logan Crosland and his student Jake Williams, as they are joined by TNA experts Ben Locke and Shawn Kidd. In this episode they take a look at the 12th episode of Impact and weekly PPV #109. They discuss topics such as: Shawn’s experience at the first Thanksgiving, Jarrett crushing bitches with guitars, Dallas’ breakout performances, Great Value AC Slater, more Russo-Dusty nonsense, Abyss almost snapping on Goldy, Jobbers shitting their pants, 6 points of Impact with Larry Zbyszko, solid 6 man main events, LA Park awesomeness, Erik Watts’ return, X Division 4 way, Final match between XXX and AMW?, Serengeti Legislation,  and much much more.

Listen and join us on this wild ride through Total Nonstop Action.

On the latest episode of You Don't Know Billy Jack, Jordan and Drew live watch the 2011 game changer CM Punk vs. John Cena from Money in the Bank! Jordan as usual has some keen insights, Drew makes fun of CM Punk, and there's some very enjoyable Vince McMahon discussion at the end too.  Check it out!

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In this episode, Ryan and Cindy continue assembling their GWCW list, looking at some classic matches from Clash of the Champions over the years. After a brief discussion of origins of Clash of the Champions, Cindy is unimpressed by the Midnight Express and has an interesting viewpoint on Terry Funk. They have a lengthy discussion on Ricky Steamboat as he has three matches in a row, not even counting Clash VI! The pair veer into a brief discussion of wrestler’s rights and Andrew Yang’s thoughts on the issue, plus a tangent into the Hollywood Blondes and the debacle that was the Disney Tapings. They then talk about how Ryan’s favorite WCW wrestler might just be Vader and his great little gem of a match with Dustin Rhodes. Finally, the duo then talk TBS’s Dinner and Movie and how a vignette that cooked during movies on TBS turned heel and joined the nWo. So enjoy some Macho Nachos and WCW cream puffs and listen to With This Ring!




Nate Milton & The Chain Gang are back to discuss the final major WWE show of 2020, Survivor Series!

Brent Chittenden (“True North Nerds”) & Scott Criscuolo (“Place To Be Nation”) join Nate to debate a variety of topics including: The Match Of The Night, The Performer Of The Night, what's next for the Roman Reigns storyline, and the Undertaker's Last(?) Ride!

All that & more on an action-packed episode of “The Hippest Trip In Pro-Wrestling Podcasts”, The Chain Reaction!

More heated opinions on this week's SS, as Scott & the Doctor recap Episode #10 of UWN Primetime Live, but not all the opinions are glowing. They work over injuries, poor match management, and the NWA's....status in wrestling right now. Do they have any? Sit back, your coffee may start to bubble extra and get ready for a red hot episode of the Saturday Special!

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On the newest Main Event, the Trio of Terror (Scott, Nate & Steve) recap Impact's Turning Point and look ahead to December's Final Resolution. Then they preview this weekend's WWE Survivor Series, and Undertaker's farewell. So sit back for this fun sprint of the Main Event!

On episode 5 of NWA Crock and Roll, the boys welcome Scott Shifflett to discuss August 1985 NWA. Some of the items discussed: -A quick goodbye to Mid Atlantic Champion, Buzz Tyler, we hardly you knew you, literally -MVP promos from The Andersons (especially Ole), Flair, Magnum TA and Tully -Not so MVP promos from Dusty Rhodes, including one that does not age well in 2020 -The underrated greatness of Baby Doll, assorted men and papaya juice as everyone is ready for Dusty to leave Baby Doll alone -Two fantastic angles, one from an incredible six man match that includes a broken arm, the other Magnum TA “serving” papers that ignites a spark to one of the greatest matches of all time at Starrcade -An explosive Ric Flair/Russians confrontation that also includes a nice hidden gem NWA World Title Match from the Omni between Flair and Nikita, both of which lay the foundation of long term booking plans -A stellar month for Sam Houston that is quickly derailed by a terrible Black Bart match -The boredom that is Terry Taylor, as he faces Tully for the US Title -Two Jimmy Valiant (who is becoming a Perennial groan magnet) matches, including a Six Man Tag Title defense by the Russians, that a few rated over 2 stars (What??) -A US Tag Title defense by Billy Jack Haynes and Wahoo McDaniel vs. Rick Rude and Jack Hart (Who?), managed by an icon -Paul Jones challenging Dusty to a TV Title match with some of his men, that no one wants to see -We close the episode out with a trip to Florida where Wahoo McDaniel and Ric Flair are headed for a collision Great matches, fantastic promos, red hot angles and stay tuned to end of show where there is a special announcement about the September 85 watches that will be in December.  

Twitter Accounts: @NWACrockandRoll @DrGPTB @Calum7McDougall

August Watch List (All on You Tube, or WWE Network)

Mid Atlantic, World Wide, World Championship Wrestling 8/3/85

World Wide Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, Mid Atlantic 8/10/85

World Championship Wrestling 8/17/85

Six Man Tag Title Match from 8/24 World Championship Wrestling and World Title match both on You Tube as solo finds

Mid Atlantic , World Championship Wrestling and Championship Wrestling from Florida 8/31/85

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