It Was a Thing on TV is on the March to WrestleMania and bringing to you the first of two special wrestling themed episodes for the PTB Wrestling Network. Our first episode covers a very special episode of Quantum Leap where Greg, Chico and Mike talk about the time Dr. Sam Beckett lept into the Georgia territory in 1955 as part of a Russian tag team to prevent his brother from dying in the ring.
Over the course of the episode Sam and Al try to stop this from happening while encountering a crazed Terry Funk who's wife tries to make the moves on Sam. OH BOY! Follow our regular episodes over on the PTBN Pop feed every Wednesday and if you want to send any show suggestions or feedback for the podcast send them to
March 29, 2021

Talk’n WCW #19: Raven

What about us? What about Talk'n WCW?! In this edition, Jenny, Tim and Greg turn their attention to a WCW star who burned bright but burned out soon after: from the Bowery, it's RAVEN! The gang takes a look at the ECW stalwart's brilliant 1998, a year that saw him capture the United States championship and engage in memorable feuds with a variety of fellow rising talents. We see a violent grudge match against a fierce Canadian foe, a wild championship brawl against one of WCW's most popular wrestlers, and a blow off match that illustrates Scott Levy's wrestling brilliance. So it is written. So it shall come to pass.

Pro Wrestling Love is back for more on the Place To Be Nation featuring Marty Sleeze (Superstar Sleeze on PWO & Twitter) and Mike (DaWho5 on PWO) breaking down the Top 25 Best Japanese Matches to take place between 2000-2009. This is the midway point of the list looking at #20-#16. The boys use Kensuke Sasaki vs Toshiaki Kawada, New Japan vs All Japan dream match as a case study in pro wrestling pride, Kawada as a chameleon, the difference between “how” vs “why” in wrestling and the very famous Kobashi vs Sasaki Dome match that didn’t make either of our lists, but was worthy of discussion. Wikipedia says Hiro Saito invented the Senton, but this seems off to Mike & Marty. So Pro Wrestling Lovers who invented the Senton? Let us know! FUJITA JR HAYATO Makes his Pro Wrestling Love debut in all his reigning glory! Marty tells his story or how he met Stan Hansen. Pro Wrestling Love ends on a high note of the raucous mayhem of Nagata vs Murakami! If you have not seen this match, drop what you are doing and watch it now! Click think, download and enjoy…let us know what you think! We love to hear!

March 28, 2021

ChRAWnology #7

On this episode of ChRAWnology the Wrestlemania 9 build heats up as Bret Hart defends the title against "a Headshrinker," Rob Bartlett impersonates Elvis, and Dave learns who PJ Walker is. Only one of those things has anything to do with Wrestlemania 9 but we're kind of grasping at straws here.

In episode 17 of The Special Relations Calum McDougall, Rory McNamara and Ben Locke are back with the usual mix of seriousness and nonsense.

In this episode the boys discuss all things Wrestlemania including why this years edition is not grabbing their attention as well as the diminishing returns of previous modern Manias.  They also discuss the wrestling rumour mill and use the Andrade/Charlotte situation to help make sense of things.

In the 2nd part of the show we carry on our interview series where we review Chris Jerichos interview with Stephanie McMahon talking about what worked and theorizing about what didnt and why it stopped after 2 editions, we then go back 3 years and watch one of her best matches featuring Steph, HHH, Kurt Angle and Rhonda Rousey.  We finish with another round of Talk Your Way Out Of This One.


Come for the concept but stay for the tough semi, it's the Special Relations.

THE POWERR IS BACK! Scott & the Doctor are excited to recap the first new episode of Powerr in over a year on the newest episode of the SS. They discuss Velvet Sky, Strictly Business, a new #1 contender for the TV Title and dissension in the Tag Team Champions. So sit back with your kettle and enjoy the newest episode of the Saturday Special!

Twitter: @ptbpodfather @DrGPTB @PlaceToBeNation

Check out the store! and type "PTBW" in the search

On episode 14 of NWA Crock & Roll the boys are joined by the real “Podfather” Scott Criscuolo to talk Starrcade 85! Before they talk about the event they make an announcement about the future of the show, then jump in and discuss awkward Johnny Weaver, the multi month build to the main matches, the “real” greatest NWA/WCW match of all time, Wahoo continuing to disappoint even in a good match, another worst match ever we have watched on this show, is the main event the Dusty/Flair match that’s been missing, a fun tag title match, a complete waste of the Midnight Express and Ron Garvin, why we nickname the show Starrblade, final thoughts on what feels like the season finale of the last 8 months of the pod and more!

Twitter Accounts: @NWACrockandRoll @DrGPTB @Calum7McDougall @ptbpodfather

Place To Be Nation... Welcome back and join us once again on the Highway to the Impact Zone. Join host Logan Crosland and his student Jake Williams, as they are joined by TNA experts Shawn Kidd and Matt Souza. In this episode they take a look at two episodes of Impact from November 26th and December 3rd. They discuss topics such as: X Division Sneak Attacks, Nash and His Master Blaster, A Not Terrible NYC Match, WWE Filming Commercials at Universal, Balloons and Cookies, Stupid Booking in the X Division, Raven’s Spartan Helmet, DDP’s Rambling Nonsense, Killings Continuing to Impress, Hall No Selling Styles, XXX Actually Looking Good, Weak 2x4 Shots, Serengeti Survival Rules, Emaciated Jobbers, Great Monty vs Jarrett World Title Match, and much much more!

Listen and join us on this wild ride through Total Nonstop Action.

Jacob Williams and Tyler Kelley continue to countdown their GWCW list covering their #70- 61 matches in this episode. They discuss slop-ass brawls, Sting's ascension, Ole Anderson & El Gigante's complex relationship and the Dude's with Attitude! They also talk about some matches  Check out episode 4 and see if what matches they're high on, what matches they're low on and what takes will make you wonder if they were high (or drunk) when they made their lists.

To wrap a bow on the GWCW matches list, Ryan and Cindy watch some of the more memorable and quintessential WCW moments. Topics include: Mini-movies, drugged out bears, matches on the back country roads of Tupelo, Mississippi and more! They also talk about how WCW it is to have Nitro at Spring Break and what exactly is Cheatum the evil midget’s employment status?? The pair discuss the WWE Network move to Peacock and what it might mean for WCW history and the podcast in general. WELCOME TO OZ!




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