The band is back! And they are live in Poughkeepsie, New York for the SummerSlam Spectacular! Listen to Jenny, Matt, Drew, and Scott discuss the SummerSlam, Yokozuna, Lex Luger, Lex’s disdain for children, Elvis, a tremendous main event, and so much more! So climb aboard the Lex Express, fix yourself a protein shake, and enjoy this episode of Jenny and the Gems

After a "benefit show" in Las Vegas (yeah we will..forget that one), the band is back with some high quality action. Jenny & the Gems go back to February 1986 for Superstars on the Superstation! Jim Crockett Promotions has a special Saturday night show with fan picks for dream matches. The band talks Bobby Eaton's greatness, Willie Nelson with Dusty & Tony, the sad story of Magnum TA's co-host, a sneaky awesome main event for the world title and so much more! So let's run through HOT-Lanta in 1986 for this month's gig with Jenny & the Gems!

The next stop on the Gems World tour takes them to Las Vegas for UWF Blackjack Brawl! Listen to Jenny, Matt, Drew, and Scott talk about Herb Abrams, Dr. Death Steve Williams, Malicious Sid Vicious, the worst announce team of all time, the best ring announcer of all time, matches so bad that they should come with warning labels and so much more! So remember to always hit on 16, split those 8s, and enjoy this new episode of Jenny & The Gems!

The band is taking a break from their long running tour for a special grab bag episode of Jenny and the Gems! Listen to Jenny, Drew, Scott, and Matt talk about Ernie Ladd, Ernie Ladd’s age, Roddy Piper, crotch work, Terry Funk, Dennis Stamp, Tommaso Ciampa and much more! So grab a drink, kick back, and relax with your favorite band, Jenny & the Gems!

The next gig on the band’s Hidden Gems tour takes them to New York for the March to WrestleMania X! Jenny, Matt, Scott and Drew talk about Lex Luger, Yokozuna, Bret Hart, The Johnny Polo Sound Machine, a tremendous Randy Savage promo and much more! So break out the lighters and listen to the band play all the hits on the latest performance from Jenny & The Gems!

The band plays on! Jenny & the Gems next stop: Fayetteville, North Carolina 1993. The oft forgotten March to WrestleMania IX, airing just one week before the big show in Vegas. They talk about the audible they called in picking the show, Mr, Perfect, the continuing Luger debate, little people and more. So sit back, and get ready for another epic performance from Jenny & the Gems!

The hottest podcast band on tour swings into Minneapolis! On the newest episode of Jenny & the Gems, Jenny, Scott, Matt & Drew have breakfast with the AWA! A 1989 Kellogg's Sales conference turns into "The Battle of the Breakfast Cereal"! Then they tackle the very tucked far away unaired pilot of the AWA Team Challenge Series. Wind suits & lingerie abound! So sit back and listen to his hot live show from the band that always finds the deep cuts, Jenny & the Gems!

The next stop on the band’s tour takes them to 1995 for the WCW All Nighter! Watch Tony Schiavone with a cast of many, including an awesome pizza delivery man, as they count down their 10 greatest Clash of the Champions matches plus a few "bonus" matches! Jenny, Matt, Drew and Scott discuss the landscape of WCW as well as whether the match picks are worthy. So get your earbuds ready and tune the air guitar because Jenny & the Gems are back on the stage!

For the next stop on Jenny & the Gems tour through the WWE Network's vault of Hidden Gems, we go to Greensboro on July 16, 1988 for a lost show on the NWA's Great American Bash tour. One week after the Bash PPV, we see an epic WarGames battle, plus discussions on Al Perez, questionable people at ringside, a debate on the Rock & Roll Express and the Fantastics, plus the birth of the "Ric Rack"! So take the stage with Jennifer Smith, Scott Criscuolo, Matt Souza & Drew Wardlaw for this big show in Greensboro!

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