Oh man, podcasting is hard sometimes.  Max and Trav come at you with a high octane double episode!  Thankfully, LU is beginning to feel like LU again, with Trav even dropping some delectable snowflakes on this ep!  Also, Max is not convinced Jake Strong is a thing, Catrina lives!?! and the Snake Tribe levels up!

Max returns and joins Trav as they put a bow on Lucha Afterground, the PREMIER Lucha Underground aftershow on. the. web. It's been a slice! Thanks for listening and stay tuned to Place 2 B Nation for Max and Trav's next projects!

Trav is back as we bid adieu to season 3 (and LU?) and it is bonkers! Cages! Skewers! Colour! (again) Murders! *gasp* Questions answered! Puma? Spider? SWORD?? Take a listen to this monster-sized episode and wonder what to do next with your life when we're gone! Enjoy!!!

Tonight! Travis rides alone and talks us through the penultimate episode of season 3! Will the Last Luchadora Standing match reveal deep-seeded real-life heat? Trios gold is on the line and Pindar don't want no chain! Then... ladders and stuff. Give it a listen pals!

Back with a double episode that covers LU 37 and 38, aka the first half of Ultima Lucha Tres! We cover Argenis' heel turn, Melissa Santos' heel turn, and Mariposa's face turn.  Also, Killshot and Dante Fox put on an epic deathmatch that made everyone very uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as you'll be when you hear Max trying to dance around Pimpenella's gender pronoun.

Hi Melissa, it's me, Max Mitchell from Lucha Afterground.  Your match tonight was super great. It was super cool. You're so cool. What's Fenix's deal, am I right? I mean he seems okay. Soooooo... are you up to anything later or.....? Oh yeah, I did hear that you were pregnant. Melissa this may seem sudden, but I want you to know that if you gave me a chance, I would treat you like the queen that you are and we could raise that baby together.  I'll give you foot massages every night and once you've lost the baby weight you can train me to be your tag team partner and together we'll beat the New Day (Kofi and Big E) for the WWE Smackdown Live Championships at Wrestlemania 37. 

This week Lucha Afterground celebrates episode 60-something with a thrilling recap of LU's 100th ep! Max and Trav chat about Melissa Santos, the total lack of spiders in this ep, and Max makes a shocking confession about Rey Mysterio. 

This week Max and Trav's energy is through the friggin roof! Is it the bottle of wine they drank directly before recording? We will never know! Topics this week include wild fire smoke, Aerostar's lead up to Ultima Lucha 3, Linda McMahon, and Joey Ryan Dark.  


This week Trav and Max are reunited! Apologies for Trav's wonky audio, but we had to record via skype this week.  Discussion includes Dario's intentions with Matanza, Paul London's intentions with Mascarita Sagrada and the producer's intentions with Ultima Lucha Tres.


Trav is away this week, so it's all Max this episode. Tune in to hear his unadulterated takes on the Cueto Cup finale. Plus, he smacks his lips near 100 times this ep, so get ready for the sexiest Lucha Afterground yet.


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