Date: Unknown. What we do know is that it is the future. Humanity has suffered. Wars raged, blood spilled, hope lost. Still, we rebuild. There is a speck of promise. A faint memory of what once was. Verne.....his dog....a simpler time. TOMMY JAMMER. THE MOON. THE COMPLETELY UNEXPLAINED ABSENCE OF JAKE THE MILKMAN MILLIMAN. So many mullets you can choke on them. This is the AWA. This is our future. This is poorly edited. This... is the Live Watch.

Journey with us on a tale of 3 adventures! First, THE COWBOY.
He shuffles down the hallway towards the front door. On the other side, a world ready to reject him. They say cowboys are old news. Society has moved on. Culture has taken over and he is a relic.
Nevertheless, he moves forward. His back aches as he bends down to put on his shoes. No, not shoes. Boots. Cowboy boots. Worn and weary, just like him, he thinks. The pain that most associate with old age is a bit stiffer for him, because his pain isn't just brought on by mother nature, but from the countless brawls and fisticuffs that he has waged war in. He hurts. Still, he would do it all again.
Boots on, he opens the door. Sunlight blinds him, as if to say, "GO BACK TO THE PAST, COWBOY." Even the sun rejects him. No matter. The rays of light are blocked out as he adjusts his Stetson hat. Another victory. Feeling a sense of pride, his shuffle gains some pep as he makes his way out. The way people treat him, you'd expect him to be at a hitching post, untying a mule. No, he has a car. Just because he's a cowboy doesn't mean he's a fool.
He drives. It is quiet. Lonely. Hot. He cares little for the vanities of life-air conditioning, radio broadcasts? Frills. Frills that weaken us. Sweat beads down his cheek as he approaches a stoplight. A car pulls up next to him, the horn honking.
Teenagers. Mocking his hat. "HEY BUCKAROO!", they yell, laughing. Middle fingers are raised and they spit towards him. He chuckles. Not because they are funny, but because he knows that if he felt like teaching them a lesson, they'd understand. But he is sore. He is aged. He is worn. There are only a handful of lessons left to teach, and this one is more important.
He looks to his knuckles. Even forming a fist now causes some pain. But that fist has administered justice more times than one can count....and it needed to do it again.
Yes, the cowboy is old. His time has passed. But tonight, he will muster the strength to teach one more lesson. To teach one 1980's yuppie that technology and wealth aren't the only things that matter. Respect is timeless, pride is ageless. Even cowboys know that. He'll show him. And he'll show him good.
He's going to make that yuppie wear a diaper.
It's the Live Watch!

What better way to bring back the beloved Mission: Indiepossible brand than with the even more beloved PodBlast (patent pending) format!?!

Steve Wille takes a solo dive into two independent and international bouts. First, take a trip to England for an international dream match between New Japan legend Minoru Suzuki and independent superstar Matt Riddle. Can the match possibly live up to the hype that these two stars generate? And, in a classic bout from 2013, Paul London enters Ring of Honor to face the gatekeeper of the company and current NXT superstar, Roderick Strong.

It was a morning like every other he had ever known. The warm sun woke him, shining through his bedroom window. Rubbing his eyes and sitting up, it took him a moment to realize what day it was! His eyes widened with joy as he sprung from his bed.

“Wake up! Wake up! It is my birthday! Presents! Cakes! Oh what a day!”, he shouted rapturously, his voice filling the empty hallways of his home. Sprinting down the hall and into the kitchen, he found no one. Thinking they must be in the family room, he hurried there, again, finding nothing except the quiet furniture and looming silence.

“Mother? Father? Where are you? It’s my birthd----“

His proclamation was cut off by the chilling scream of his mother. He ran down another hallway towards the entryway of the home and there he saw her, crumpled on the ground. As he came closer, he realized she was cradling his father in her arms. He was weak, fighting for breath.

“Father? Wha…..what happened?”

“S,son. C,come close…….” The boy pressed his forehead to his fathers, tears welling in his eyes.

 “This was n,no acc-accident……a……a……avenge meeeeee.”, his father whispered with his last gasp.


It was time. The training was complete. In the darkness, he stood. Sunlight was no longer his friend, for it is only welcomed by those who carry lighter burdens. Preparing for his journey, he dressed quickly. A brief glance into a mirror flashed him back to that birthday. It was the worst day of his life, but it was also the day that defined his life ever since. Living high on Mount Fuji, he had studied, prepared, trained and sacrificied for this moment. His fathers killer would be on prominent display, and he would expose him this day.

“Happy birthday to me…..” he grimly said as he strode out of his shack. A taxicab waiting for him, he hustled into the backseat. “TOKYO DOME. NOW.”

You see, listeners, what this man learned is that the one who took his fathers life sought to take another, but there was only one way to stop it. TAKE IT’S POWER AWAY FROM IT….and only he was prepared to do so.

The moment arrived. The killer was thirsty for blood. He sensed his victim and STRUCK!



“Thinking I was going to….DIE?”, said our hero as he stood unharmed, staring at the deadly assassin.

“No….not you. It can’t be!”, the demonic monster replied, recognizing who he had attacked.


Super Porky Hulk Hogan stood to his feet, a smile creeping on his face.

“And now…..I will render you powerless again. Excuse me, I’ve got to fall down you and not die AGAIN.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” shrieked the stairs, as it’s stranglehold over life and death slipped from it’s icy cold grasps.

Super Porky Hulk Hogan looked up to the sky, where his father appeared in a cloud and said, “Stairway injuries represent a leading cause of accidents. National Safety Council statistics rank stairway injuries second only to motor vehicle accidents among leading causes of accidents.  The council’s statistical report, titled Injury Facts 2015, reports falls are the leading cause of injury-related death in adults age 65 and older.

Each year stairway accidents cause over one million injuries and 12,000 deaths. One half of those stairway deaths occur in the home.  Most people underestimate the risk of falling and sustaining injuries at home.  After all we feel safest at home.  Statistics prove otherwise, showing the greatest risk of falling on stairs comes at home.”



It’s the Live Watch!

The alarm bell rings. The groggy eyes of a young man struggle to open. It is his first day on the job. He quietly slips out of bed, kissing his wife on the forehead and stopping to look at his son, sleeping in the crib nearby.

Twenty minutes later, he is out the door, coffee in hand, tired, but ready for his new job.

"Get in. We have a long drive," says a gruff, older man.

"Where are we going?" the young man replies.


Uncomfortable, nearly painful silence fills the air. It is thicker than the mixture of morning fog and dust that is kicked up as they travel down a long dirt path. For an hour, not a word is said.

Just as he drifts back off to sleep, the car lurches to a halt.

"We are here. Get out."

Looking off to the right, the young man sees his new work place, a large quarry, deeper than he ever imagined it to be. Cave entrances litter the mountainsides, with men shuffling in and out carrying wheelbarrows and containers. It is almost beautiful to watch.

After going through a quick instruction, he is assigned his spot in the field. He finds his way to the path and begins loading barrel after barrel onto a conveyor belt. For hours, the repetition continues. He begins to learn the ebb and flow of it all, and by the lunch whistle, he feels he knows it.

Sitting alone, he eats his lunch--a lone slice of bologna packed between two end pieces of bread. It was all that was left in the house. This job was a miracle.

A few workers sit at the table with him and make small talk. They are friendly and kind, until he asks....

"So what is it we are loading in all these barrels?"

Solemn faced, the youngest one responds, "Follow me."

They dart past security into the nearby factory. It is a man-made labyrinth of corridors and rooms. Finally, an opening.

"Look down there."

He peers over the edge to see a dimly lit room. It is empty save for a table, where a portly man is laying. His hands and wrists are restrained. He is wearing a bright silver mask.

Doors burst open and men walk in with the barrels, pouring them onto the tabled man. His shrieks pierce the silence. It is oil. Barrels and barrels of oil.

From the darkness, a doctor emerges. He checks the man from head to toe and declares, "Finally. He is oily enough."


But are we prepared to watch?

Mission: Indiepossible returns! Jordan Duncan and Brad Woodling join host Steve Wille to explore the history of Bryan Danielson in Chikara. The guys cover his King of Trios run in 2009, a huge tag match later that year, and then his brief return after his WWE suspension in 2010. In total, all seven of Danielson's matches are looked at in this intimate review of a small portion of Danielson's great career. Also discussed: the ascension of Claudio Castagnoli, Mike Quackenbush's booking and in-ring work, and the wacky rings and buildings in the world of independent wrestling. And find out which announcer/referee really impresses all three members of the panel (Hint: it's the only person with that role).

On the debut episode of a new indie wrestling focused show on Place to Be Nation, host Steve Willie is joined by Jordan Duncan, Brad Woodling and Glenn Butler to discuss Chikara, and in particular, night 1 of the King of Trios in 2011. In addition to a review of the entire card, the guys discuss Chikara tropes and storytelling, crowd dynamics of indie wrestling shows and much, much more. 

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