On episode 5 of NWA Crock and Roll, the boys welcome Scott Shifflett to discuss August 1985 NWA. Some of the items discussed: -A quick goodbye to Mid Atlantic Champion, Buzz Tyler, we hardly you knew you, literally -MVP promos from The Andersons (especially Ole), Flair, Magnum TA and Tully -Not so MVP promos from Dusty Rhodes, including one that does not age well in 2020 -The underrated greatness of Baby Doll, assorted men and papaya juice as everyone is ready for Dusty to leave Baby Doll alone -Two fantastic angles, one from an incredible six man match that includes a broken arm, the other Magnum TA “serving” papers that ignites a spark to one of the greatest matches of all time at Starrcade -An explosive Ric Flair/Russians confrontation that also includes a nice hidden gem NWA World Title Match from the Omni between Flair and Nikita, both of which lay the foundation of long term booking plans -A stellar month for Sam Houston that is quickly derailed by a terrible Black Bart match -The boredom that is Terry Taylor, as he faces Tully for the US Title -Two Jimmy Valiant (who is becoming a Perennial groan magnet) matches, including a Six Man Tag Title defense by the Russians, that a few rated over 2 stars (What??) -A US Tag Title defense by Billy Jack Haynes and Wahoo McDaniel vs. Rick Rude and Jack Hart (Who?), managed by an icon -Paul Jones challenging Dusty to a TV Title match with some of his men, that no one wants to see -We close the episode out with a trip to Florida where Wahoo McDaniel and Ric Flair are headed for a collision Great matches, fantastic promos, red hot angles and stay tuned to end of show where there is a special announcement about the September 85 watches that will be in December.  

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August Watch List (All on You Tube, or WWE Network)

Mid Atlantic, World Wide, World Championship Wrestling 8/3/85

World Wide Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, Mid Atlantic 8/10/85

World Championship Wrestling 8/17/85

Six Man Tag Title Match from 8/24 World Championship Wrestling and World Title match both on You Tube as solo finds

Mid Atlantic , World Championship Wrestling and Championship Wrestling from Florida 8/31/85

On Episode 4 of NWA Crock and Roll the boys welcome first time Crockett viewer Ben Locke as they discuss July 85 NWA. The show opens with discussion on the passing of Road Warrior Animal, then shifts to an incredible week from July 5-13 with the first Great American Bash, a main event anywhere in the country 6 man on Mid Atlantic with a trope Crockett TV ending and an all time great Tag Team Title Match. Also they go into the importance of Pro Wrestling Illustrated at this time, the love of the Andersons by all, the opposite for Jimmy Valiant who is on way too much, baffling hot crowds, Ben’s new Man Crush, the many faces of David Crockett and an all time stroke out, a match that aroused Calum, another great Dr. G story, this one about about former manager the Grand Wizard, how great is Manny Fernandez and the Flying Burrito, an all time innuendo promo from Magnum TA before an Anderson beat down, 3 new champions, the emerging mid card of Terry Taylor, Sam Houston and American Eagle (Who?), World Champion Buddy Landell (it happened!) a heel Dusty Rhodes, a face Ric Flair with a bonus World title match between them from Mid South and last but not least the saga of Baby Doll, both how she is treated and poor Floyd the horse. All this and so much more in what truly is an amazing July 85 of Crockett Wrestling.

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Watch List (All on You Tube, Daily Motion or WWE Network):

Ringmasters Great American Bash 85

Mid Atlantic 7/13/85

World Wide Wrestling 7/13/85

World Championship Wrestling 7/13/85

Mid Atlantic and World Wide 7/20/85 and 7/27/85

Mid South Wrestlefest 85 7/28/85

September 16, 2020

NWA Crock & Roll #3: June 1985

On Episode 3 of NWA Crock and Roll the boys welcome first time podcaster Keith Hughes as they discuss an angle filled 5 weeks of June 85 on the road to the Great American Bash. Magnum/Flair hits its peak as Flair/Nikita heats up adding David Crockett to the mix, the debut of the Boogie Kid with more Paul Jones greatness that someone compares to Bobby Heenan, a strong go home sell for the Tully/Dusty barbed wire cage match including Jimmy Valiant’s prostitute, a surprising title change, two big tag team debuts, a sad goodbye, matches with the Mid Atlantic and Junior Heavyweight Champions (finally), a great Dr. G Denny Brown story, Shawn stroke out moment on Brett Sawyer (or was it Bart) as Brett is really upset about a body part, Manny Fernandez Karate poses and so much more. It’s 6:05 somewhere so join us for the marathon storytelling of June 85!

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Watch List:
6/1/85 World Championship Wrestling
6/1/85 Mid Atlantic Wrestling
6/8/85 World Championship Wrestling
6/15/85 World Championship Wrestling
6/15/85 Mid Atlantic Wrestling
6/22/85 Mid Atlantic Wrestling
6/22/85 World Wide Wrestling
6/29/85 World Championship Wrestling

On a jam packed episode 2 of NWA Crock and Roll join hosts Shawn, Calum and Doctor G as they welcome guest Matt Souza looking at May 85 of Jim Crockett NWA. This show features the debut of “Syndicated Notes” to start each episode as well as 2 title changes, 2 TV title matches, one of which is a hidden gem all timer and Ron Garvin defending the National Heavyweight Title. In addition the crew is divided on a 3 star Italian Stallion match, Dusty’s Gorilla saga continues and ends as his Tully feud flares up, Jones/Valiant War revs up with two of the team professing love for Jones and one giving a shocking Jones/Flair comparison, Flair greatness in his feud with Magnum, Buddy “The Smooth Operator” Landell, and so much more. As Dusty would say it’s time to put on the Superstation and enjoy some Risky Business in May 85, Daddy!

Watch list all available on You Tube:

5/4/85 World Championship Wrestling

5/11/85 Word Championship Wrestling

5/11/85 World Wide Wrestling

5/18/85 World Championship Wrestling

5/25/85 World Wide Wrestling

5/25/85 World Championship Wrestling

On the debut episode of NWA Crock and Roll join hosts Shawn Kidd, Calum McDougall, Doctor G and special guest Jacob Williams as they begin their monthly dive of the Jim Crockett NWA era beginning with April 1985 TBS World Championship Wrestling shows. After a brief intro of the pod and premise they discuss the greatness that is the Andersons, Dusty “Hand in the Jar” Rhodes and his Gorilla, The Koloffs, Tully “James Bond” Blanchard, titles and promos that matter, the start of a multi-year Jimmy Valiant/Paul Jones Feud, a bad Magnum TA showing as he begins a feud with the World Champion Ric Flair and so much more! So set the time to 6:05pm eastern it’s time to Crock and Roll!

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