On episode 33 of NWA Crock and Roll, the full crew is back together to start the journey of March 86! Tully sends Dusty a clear message about the National title, while Dusty wants a fan to kiss his ass. A BIZARRE set of promos between Ron Garvin and Arn Anderson leading to a TV Title match. Crockett Cup location announced along with the debut of The Crockett Cup Spotlight, looking at matches with teams in the upcoming tournament. Up first, The Fabulous One’s vs. The Guerreros in a cage. 5 house show matches from Roanoke and Charlotte, end of show awards and more!

On episode 32 of NWA Crock and Roll, the boys close out 2021 by completing their look at a match filled February '86. Matches include a Flair/TA World Title match, 3 Arn TV Title matches, 2 Midnight Express Tag Title defences and a banger of a tag team war from World Wide Wrestling between Dusty and Ron Garvin vs. Flair and Arn. All this plus Nikita/TA continuing to build, Tully setting a goal and the debut of Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin! Happy New Year!

On episode 31 of NWA Crock and Roll: A Crockett Christmas, the 3-man team of Shawn, the returning Dr. G and Scott discuss 7 matches from 1983-87 that took place in World Class and the AWA on Christmas Night shows involving Crockett era wrestlers. Flair, Wahoo (wonder why Calum is missing?), Billy Graham, Baron Von Raschke & Midnight Express in matches against Kerry and David Von Erich, Rick Martel, Adrian Adonis, “Mr. Electricity” Steve Regal and the Fantastics! Happy Holidays from the Crock and Roll crew!

On episode 30 of NWA Crock and Roll, the three 3-man team of Shawn, Calum and Scott discuss Battle of the Belts 2 from 2/14/86! Topics include Scott’s disturbing Ron Slinker takes, miserable Mike Graham, Kendall Windham needing a steak, the future Great Muta challenging for the Jr. Title, the future Jimmy Jack Funk shining against Lex Luger, a Wahoo/ Brody match for Calum to hate, a fun Road Warriors 6-man war, an all-time classic with Barry Windham vs. Ric Flair for the NWA World title and much more!

On episode 29 of NWA Crock and Roll, once again it's a 3-man team as they kick off February '86 discussing Superstars on the Superstation from 2/7/86. Topics include Magnum TA hosting the show with an interesting co-host, a hot tag title opener, announcement of first Jim Crockett Memorial Cup, a disappointing Warriors/Russians tag, Dusty and Willie Nelson being best friends, a long Dusty/Tully National Title match and close with a Flair/Garvin World Title Banger!

On episode 28 of NWA Crock and Roll, January 86 Part 2, the episode opens with a special announcement on a new partnership, then jumps right in! Topics include a disaster in the making substitute joining the Russians, the continuation of the Arn/Tully/Dusty/Baby Doll saga, a fantastic Flair/Garvin segment, an Ivan/Magnum match with a hot ending, a fun tag match involving one of the first instances of Tully and Arn teaming and ends with monthly awards!

On episode 27 of NWA Crock and Roll the boys are down a member, who is “on assignment”, but welcome a new official Horsemen, Scott Shifflett to discuss January 86 part 1! Topics include an interesting episode of Mid Atlantic TV, a nuclear break up of Tully and Baby Doll that leads to some of the best promos we have ever discussed, 3 new champions crowned, a title in danger of being vacated due to an injury of a Horsemen, a fantastic PWI segment featuring Magnum TA and an awkward Ron Garvin, a bad few weeks for Krusher Krushchev, Midnight Express/Rock n Roll Express heating up, Flair vs. Bockwinkel and more!

On episode 26 of NWA Crock and Roll the boys are joined by guest Jacob Williams to discuss December 85 pt. 2. Topics include 12/28/85 with a Saturday Night show that brings big time main events in Garvin/Flair for World Title & Ole/Magnum TA for the US Title, while World Wide on same day has Magnum, Dusty, Manny Fernandez vs. Flair & the Andersons. They then discuss the 12/29/85 AWA Night of Champions 2 from the Meadowlands with Dusty/Flair, TA/Tully and Warriors vs. the Russians and close out with December awards and announce a new permanent Horseman member starting on January 86 show!


On episode 25 of NWA Crock and Roll the boys, after 6 long months, are back to the timeline with December 85 part 1, covering 12/7-12/21. Topics and discussions include a somber Tully, how is Tommy Young multiple time ref of the year, $33,000 fur coats, Russians/Warriors heating up, R & R Express next challengers, an all-star six-man, a Mid-Atlantic Title match, Anderson wanting the TV title , JJ feeling disrespected, Flair feeling himself while Ron Garvin steps up to challenge him in wrestling, not love making & much more!

On episode 24 of NWA Crock and Roll, the boys are once again joined by Scott Shifflett for the final part of the “Unwatched” series of matches they missed from April-November 85. Topics include one of the best 6-man all-star tag matches you will see from Memphis, a great Warriors/Freebirds tag from the Meadowlands, Wahoo's continued downside against a big future star and a sneak peak of December '85 happenings with 3 matches in Puerto Rico. One, brutal for the wrong reasons, Nikita Koloff match & 2 Starrcade 85 rematches of which one is a tragic waste of 4 minutes with the US title on the line and one a fun World Title match! December 85 & our timeline watch returns next episode after 6 long months! So, join us for this final stop!

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