On episode 51 of NWA Crock and Roll, the crew is back in timeline with guest Logan Crosland stepping in to cover for Calum, who is still mourning Clash at the Castle, amongst other things and they discuss the first half of June 1986 and final build to the Bash in July! A big return, US Title stripped from Magnum, an uncomfortable Rock and Roll Express Contest, Flair vs. Luger in Florida and so much more!

On the milestone fiftieth episode of NWA Crock and Roll we pause our June 1986 launch in 2 weeks for one of those “very special episodes” (No, no one died unbelievably), as Shawn and Scott breakdown their in person trip to Nashville for GCW, Summerslam, Starrcast, Flairs Last Match and more! Bars, Beer, Brides, Food, meeting Ron Garvin, pictures with the Horseman & Baby Doll and most important important of all, an all time wrestling trip with great friends!

Welcome to episode #49 if NWA Crock 'n' Roll where we jump out of the timeline and head back to 1984 for another Pre-Crockett timeline watch. In this one we take a look at a Ric Flair title defence in World Class against Gentleman Chris Adams, a six-man tag stacked with star power, a Jimmy Valiant match that gets the crew hot, a chaotic bunkhouse match from Mid-South involving Dusty Rhodes, and a pair of Mid-Atlantic tag matches, which cancels out the Valiant abomination. Come for the Crockett and stay for the bad takes, as we dive back into the good old days of professional wrestling.

On Episode 48 of NWA Crock 'n' Roll, the boys continue their journey through May 1986. Topics include; the continuation of Ric Flair vs. half of the JCP roster, a US title press conference for the now confirmed showdown between Magnum TA & Nikita Koloff, Jim Cornette, Tully and JJ Dillon being excellent as per usual, and a trip over to Japan with the Road Warriors before heading out to Las Vegas for an AWA World Heavyweight title match between Stan Hansen and Curt Hennig from AWA TV! 

On Episode 47 of NWA Crock 'n' Roll, the boys continue their journey through May 1986. Topics include; the usual top-notch interviews from Arn, Tully and JJ Dillion, another rant about Wahoo McDaniel after a TV title match which derails the show for a while, a rare Arn and Flair tag team match on television, an underwhelming debut and a territory spotlight from Alabama which surprises everyone pitting Brad Armstrong and Tim Horner vs. Tom Prichard and Not-My-Mr. Perfect Jerry Stubbs!

On episode 46 of NWA Crock and Roll, the boys continue their journey through May 1986. Topics include; another hot development in the James Gang with Baby Doll vs. Midnight Express with Jim Cornette feud, a god awful Wahoo promo and a tag match with him that causes quite the heel turn from Calum, the US Title Feud continues to brew, Bash 86 announcement, another Flair/Morton match from Mid Atlantic and close with the Territory Spotlight match from the WWF in Detroit with Killer Bees facing Sheik and Volkoff.

On episode 45 of NWA Crock and Roll, all four Horsemen are back together to begin the journey of May '86! Topics include; “Good Hand” Don Kernodle vs. Arn for TV Title, one of the greatest matches ever watched on the podcast for National Title that takes up a whole episode of World Wide, more greatness in the Baby Doll/Jim Cornette feud with a new twist, a fantastic Morton/Flair World Title House Show match from Greensboro and close with the Territory Spotlight segment looking at a WCCW World Title match between Rick Rude and Bruiser Brody that causes Dr. G to cut a heated promo on Dave Meltzer!

On episode 44 of NWA Crock and Roll, the boys pause before going head first into May 86 with a new bridge episode concept that will take place after each monthly watch called Pre Crockett Match Year Spotlight. The concept: 6 matches featuring Crockett stars from a wrestling year prior to the Crockett era starting in April 85 or prior to them becoming a part of Jim Crockett Promotions. This episode looks at 1985 and matches with some historical context that set up the Crockett era.

Included; Flair vs. Gordy for World Title, Road Warriors vs. The High Flyers for AWA Tag Titles, Rock and Roll Express vs. The Freebirds, Buzz Tyler vs. Tully Blanchard for TV Title, Wahoo vs. TA in a cage for US Title that one person gives a shocking rating and close with a match with The Russians vs. Don Kernodle and…Ricky Steamboat?? This was a fun one! All matches discussed can be found on You Tube!

On an angle heavy episode 43 of NWA Crock and Roll, Shawn, The Doctor and Shiff (Calum saw a Wahoo match was scheduled to open the show and conveniently couldn't make it 🙂 ) close out April '86. Topics discussed include; a total reset after Crockett Cup setting up the next few months, two amazing all time angles with Flair/Morton and Americas Team/The Midnight Express with Jim Cornette, a Dusty promo that rivals Hard Times, a hidden gem match from Mid Atlantic, The Road Warriors not being able to read, write or know what match they are having or when, the greatest Saturday night show ever up to this point and close with the Territory Spotlight segment going to Japan featuring another hidden gem match between Ted Dibiase taking on Tenryu.

On Episode 42 of NWA Crock 'n' Roll, Calum, Scott and Dr. G complete the discussion on Crockett Cup 1986 with a recap of the remainder of the tournament. This episode covers baffling booking of a 20-minute draw,  an absolute epic encounter of out nowhere which gets a lot of love and everything in between! We also get a head back to the Metrodome in Minneapolis for another look at AWA WrestleRock '86 to discuss a pair of tag matches involving Buddy Rose and Doug Somers vs. the Midnight Rockers and Road Warriors vs The Freebirds Territory Spotlight.

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