On episode 15 of the returning NWA Crock and Roll the boys are back and joined by guest Scott Shiflett (Blockbuster Rewind, Pop Goes to the Couch, Battlestar in the 25th Century) and begin a 4 part mini series journey of watching 28 random bouts looking at wrestling matches of wrestlers before they joined Crockett promotions in April 85. First 7 matches look at Tully Blanchard, The Rock n Roll Express, Superstar Billy Graham, Magnum TA, Manny Fernandez, Brett Sawyer and Ric Flair in bouts that include the likes of Tito Santana, Gino Hernandez, Ernie Ladd, Ted Dibiase, Doctor Death Steve Williams, Bruno Sammartino and so much more! From New York to Japan, from 1975-1984, from 2/3 Falls to Word Title matches, from awful to hidden gem, all bases covered in part 1 of “Before They Were Crockett!”

No Network needed, all Matches can be found on You Tube.

On episode 14 of NWA Crock & Roll the boys are joined by the real “Podfather” Scott Criscuolo to talk Starrcade 85! Before they talk about the event they make an announcement about the future of the show, then jump in and discuss awkward Johnny Weaver, the multi month build to the main matches, the “real” greatest NWA/WCW match of all time, Wahoo continuing to disappoint even in a good match, another worst match ever we have watched on this show, is the main event the Dusty/Flair match that’s been missing, a fun tag title match, a complete waste of the Midnight Express and Ron Garvin, why we nickname the show Starrblade, final thoughts on what feels like the season finale of the last 8 months of the pod and more!

Twitter Accounts: @NWACrockandRoll @DrGPTB @Calum7McDougall @ptbpodfather

After last weeks episode with Nikita Koloff to kick off Starrcade 85 month, enjoy this bonus episode of NWA Crock and Roll #13 where the boys are joined by third time guest Jacob Williams. They discuss Starrcade 83/84: BC (Before April 85 Crockett) to look at matches from those two Starrcades involving wrestlers they have watched since starting the pod timeline in April 85. Some 4 star classics, some hidden gem surprises and honestly maybe the worst match they have seen in 8 months of doing the show much to Calum’s delight and Shawn’s chagrin. The final road to our Starrcade 85 episode stops here!

On a very special episode 12 of NWA Crock and Roll the boys are joined by the one and only Crockett era staple, former Tag Team, Six Man, US and TV Champion, Nikita Koloff! Topics and stories range from his thoughts on the recent passing of Jim Crockett, his start in 1984, many feuds, matches, iconic moments in his career, what he is up to today and a moment our one Calum McDougall will never forget. A great interview with an amazing individual as we launch the first of 3 episodes in Starrcade 85 month on NWA Crock and Roll! Nikita can be found on

Twitter @NikitaKoloff1 and Facebook Website: koloff.net Nikita’s podcast “Man Up” can be found on all platforms

Twitter Accounts: @NWACrockandRoll @DrGPTB @Calum7McDougall

On Episode 11 of NWA Crock & Roll the boys are once again joined by guest Rory McNamara as they look at second half of November 85 to close out the journey to Starrcade! They discuss an iconic closing shot of 11/16/85 World Championship Wrestling, then jump into multiple 3 star plus matches and 1 average match including, Buddy Landell vs Manny Fernandez, 4 Ric Flair matches that include a banger 6 man with the Andersons, a fantastic angle and match for the title in Mid South vs. Ted Dibiase, another title defense against Koko Ware in Memphis and yet another title defense in Mid South against Jake Roberts with a shocking start. They close the show with a hot Road Warriors/Russians segment and big news on the vacant World TV title! A very match heavy episode with some awesome hidden gems as we look forward to next month where we cover all things Starrcade 85!

Twitter Accounts: @NWACrockandRoll @DrGPTB @Calum7McDougall @Wrestling20yrs

Watch List: WWE Network World Championship Wrestling and Mid South Ric Flair vs. Koko Ware & Jake Roberts can be found on You Tube

On the landmark episode 10 of NWA Crock & Roll, Shawn, Dr. G and Calum are joined by first time guest, Rory McNamara (Special Relations, Seen Your Video, Wrestling 20 Years Ago podcasts) to discuss the first half of November 85! After a brief intro of Rory and his Crockett viewing history they open with the amazing storytelling of the build to Tully/TA “I Quit” match in 20 minutes worth of TV that has one of the best “real” angles ever and is the feud better than Dusty/Flair? Jim Crockett no selling President Bob Geigel mandates, Tully’s continued trend of making fedoras look good, the “Soviet Union Ambassador of Destruction” Nikita Koloff, an atrocious Billy Graham/Abdullah match, several “uncomfortable” promos that would not hold up well in 2021, Starrcade 85 Update, complete with a Wahoo match announced much to Calum’s chagrin, Dusty’s “special” boot and return to the ring after injury, Arns continued claim to the now vacant TV Title, a trip to Mid South as Flair faces Butch Reed in a non title match with a shocking ending, why Sam Houston and Terry Taylor should stay away from microphones, the iconic first mention of the Four Horseman and close the show with the even more iconic greatest promo of all time... “Hard Times” as read by Calum Rhodes with a thought provoking breakdown by the newly tagged “Shakespeare of Special Relations” Rory McNamara. Starrcade 85 build continues and we are only halfway through the month!

We aren’t Tony & Conrad and don’t pretend to be, but possibly our best episode to date!

Twitter Accounts: @NWACrockandRoll @DrGPTB @Calum7McDougall @Wrestling20yrs

Watch List: All watches available on WWE Network

In part 2 of NWA Crock and Roll October 85, the crew with guest Logan Crosland, first head to Japan where Ric Flair goes title for title with AWA Champion Rick Martel, and also tags with Martel in a match against Tsruta and Tenryu! They then head back to the TBS studios where they discuss Arn’s claim to the TV title, the long awaited return of his fedora, then facing Wahoo McDaniel in a match for the Southern Title that Calum gets his shining moment in, much to Shawn’s chagrin. Dusty visits the doctor and has his first strange confrontation via video with Flair since his injury in the PWI Scouting Report Studios. R & R discuss their title loss, great intensity from Magnum and Tully building to their I Quit match and the debut of Miss Atlanta Lively and the impact it has to the wrestler portraying her as Valiant has a new ally against the Midnight Express! The Road to Starrcade 85 is heating up on NWA Crock and Roll!

On episode 8 of the now bi-weekly NWA Crock and Roll: October 85 Part 1, the boys are joined by Logan Crosland (Highway to the Impact Zone; Wrestling’s Chicken Salad) to discuss October 5-19 1985 Crockett. After getting to know Logan a bit and his lack of Crockettdem experience they discuss: a good angle involving Jimmy Valiant (what?) and the return of his hooker Big Momma that Mama Cornette is upset with, a new, boring National Champion, Tully’s all time fashion choice, going on vacation for 30 days and moving on from Magnum, Arn wanting Dusty’s TV Title, stealing it and angering David Crockett, Flair defending his title vs. Butch Reed in Mid South, another Flair title defense in a cage against Nikita Koloff that sets off an incredible chain of events, wrestling realism, Doctor Hiswani and Doctor David Crockett, Dusty on crutches, Dusty falling on crutches while Tony Schiavone no sells it, Paul Jones angry at Superstar Billy Hogan, Starrcade announcements with Roger Kent, cool finish to a World Tag Team Title change, a pretty good US Title match with Tully vs. Bass and a cool post match beating involving Black Bart! (What?) and more as the official build to Starrcade 85 begins!

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Watch List: All watches available on You Tube or WWE Network

On episode 7 of NWA Crock and Roll the boys are joined by Jacob Williams (The Ruthlessly Aggressive Podcast, PTBNXT, Highway to the Impact Zone) to look at all things September 85! They discuss the many tag teams of NWA 85, making all wrestlers and titles matter in promos, Magnum coming into his own and a video with him you have to see to believe, booking foreshadowing of Dusty and Flair, Dusty partying with Bette Midler and Waylon Jennings, Flair dropping the “kiss stealing” promo for the first time, Tully’s heel traits and why you want to punch him, Andersons coming after “Human Broomstick” Sam Houston again and lines in their promos that make you remember them, a very uncomfortable Jim Cornette promo, terrible use of the Midnight Express getting stuck with Jimmy Valiant and..Rocky King??? Rock n Roll Express and Russians headed for chain matches, a National Tag Title Match, a Junior Heavyweight Title match, Gary Royal’s hair, Baby Doll faces and so much more!

**Reminder in January we start going Bi weekly vs. Monthly**

Twitter Accounts: @NWACrockandRoll @DrGPTB @Calum7McDougall @jambalaya_jake

Watch List: All watches available on You Tube or WWE Network

On episode 6 of NWA Crock and Roll, Matt Souza (Piece of the Action, Highway to the Impact Zone, Jenny and the Gems) joins the boys for a special bonus Christmas episode as they look at 9 matches from Battle of the Belts 1 from Florida, WWC 5 year Anniversary from Puerto Rico and SuperClash 1 from Chicago, all from September 85! They open with some discussion on the passing of Pat Patterson then dive in. 3 Road Warriors matches against some legendary opponents and tag teams , 3 Ric Flair Title defenses, including a fantastic one with Magnum TA we have waited 5 months for, one against a man with a pin fall win over Randy Savage earlier in the same year and one that causes controversy as Calum almost gets a pink slip for the holidays. They also watch maybe the worst match they will ever see on this pod,Dr. G’s memories of Billy Jack Haynes, a Six Man Title match with the Russians vs a team they had about ten names for (Team Cocoon?), Flair trying to get killed in Puerto Rico, terrible Larry Nelson and Mike Graham’s commentary and so much more. Enjoy this episode for Christmas, then the regular September 85 watch drops on 12/30!

Twitter Accounts: @NWACrockandRoll @DrGPTB @Calum7McDougall @msouza1991

Watch List: All three events are available on You Tube!

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