It Was a Thing on TV presents another special episode for the Wrestling feed as we look at a classic episode from one of our favorite shows.
On this episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" from 2009, the gang puts on a special wrestling show for the troops with support from Rowdy Roddy Piper and let's just say hilarity ensues.
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The gang at It Was a Thing on TV at the POP feed present a very special edition for you here on the wrestling feed as they sit through the most historically inaccurate piece in wrestling history.
Jesse Ventura did the improbable in 1998, being elected Minnesota's governor.  Of course, someone had to jump over that story and create a made-for-TV movie.  Unfortunately, little fact checking was done and many creative liberties were taken.  And to add a creepy twist, this aired the same night as one of the most tragic events in pro wrestling history.
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In this episode of PTBN YouTube Roulette, the gang is missing Shawn and Logan but they soldier on. They see a CM Punk vs Homicide match, Road Warriors vs Jerry Lawler and Austin Idol match where they wrestle on mushrooms. A 2020 Mordecai match, where we find out Mordecai sells real estate. And close out the episode with Bruiser Brody vs Gino Hernandez, where the boys figure out what really killed Bruiser Brody.

On episode 6 of PTBN You Tube Roulette, the group is live from Puerto Cuba to watch and discuss another 4 random matches that include: The Bulldogs in Japan w/Walter White Dynamite Kid facing Hansen and Gordy, a Rosa/Mercedes banger in a prison hall with a dead crowd, a Windham/Funk hidden gem piledriver fest from Puerto Rico that geographically challenges one of the hosts and an infamous match where the Young Bucks get stiffed for 20 minutes by Danielson and Strong that legit had several uncomfortable watching.

In this edition of PTBN: Youtube Roulette, it was permanent guest Matt’s turn to spin the Youtube roulette wheel and he landed on a wild brawl between Sabu and Lightning Kid, DDP vs Kanyon in front of 85 people, Booker T vs Tajiri from Japan, and a hard hitting slugfest between Kevin Steen and Masato Tanaka. The crew also discuss Shawn-alytics, cafegymatoriums, Tony Clifton, chronically ruptured buttholes, Static-X, a thorough discussion of the types of mist Tajiri uses, a new slogan for Kevin Steen, and so much more!

In this edition of PTBN: YouTube Roulette, it was Jake's turn to spin the YouTube roulette, and he landed on a big brawl from the legendary Von Erichs and Freebirds rivalry, New Jack attempting to murder Vic Grimes in scaffold match, Stan Hansen beating Terry Funk to a pulp in Japan, and finally a styles clash between Walter and Will Ospreay for the pretigious Internet Championship. The crew talk DMV Dory, Fritz the gas station owner, She-Hulk, Triscuit Hips, Bashful Von Erich, and much more!

In this edition of PTBN: YouTube Roulette, it was Logna’s turn to spin the YouTube roulette, and he came up with Owen Hart vs Jushin “Thunder” Liger match from Japan, a rare Batista vs Brock Lesnar match from OVW, Young Bucks vs reDragon from ROH, and ends the show with the Hell of War Match between Killshot and Dante Fox from Lucha Underground. The boys talk about Waffle House, brutal moves and spots, and much much more.

Owen Hart vs Jushin Liger NJPW 4/26/91
Brock Lesnar vs Batista: OVW, Sept. 28, 2001
The Young Bucks vs reDRagon (w/ Shayna Baszler)
Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Tres Dante Fox vs Killshot
We are presenting the second of two wrestling themed episodes of It Was a Thing on TV right here on the Place to be Wrestling Network.
This time Greg, Chico and Mike looked at WrestleMania 2 which was what the world was coming to and it didn't go so well.
In 1986, the World Wrestling Federation held the sequel to the first WrestleMania and tried to top that event's success holding it in three different venues and jamming it with celebrities all over the place. Join us as we talk about the color commentary of Susan St. James (UH-OH!) and the expert boxing judging of G. Gordon Liddy.
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Tyler Kelley and Jacob Williams reach the halfway point in their GWCW list countdown with their #60- 51 matches. They discuss Arn Anderson & Lord Steven Regal, the greatness of Great American Bash 1989, changing thoughts on matches upon rewatches, potential challenges with Peacock and more.  Check out episode 5 and see what matches you agree with, disagree with and how their lists are progressing.

In part two of this very special, very serious podcast miniseries, join some of PTBN’s finest as they live watch, discuss the merits of, and attempt to settle the long standing debate of which WrestleMania is better...17 or 19. Join Ben Locke, Calum McDougall, Tim Capel, Logan Crosland, Matt Souza, Shawn Kidd, and Jennifer Smith as they live watch WrestleMania 19 and all of the fun and games that come with it! Come for the hard hitting wrestling analysis, stay for the Limp Bizkit impressions! It’s WrestleMania 19!

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