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PTBN Wrestling Special: Scott’s GWWE Match List Reveal, Part 1

PTBN Wrestling Special: Scott’s GWWE Match List Reveal, Part 1

January 19, 2020

As part of Place to Be Nation's reveal of the greatest WWE TV/PPV matches of all time (as voted by you!), Scott Criscuolo reveals his personal ballot, complete with a chance for interaction! In part 1 Scott reveals his #100-51 matches. So listen, watch and enjoy a trip through WWE history!

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PTBN Network Special: Prime Time Wrestling Ultimate Challenge Special, 3/26/90

PTBN Network Special: Prime Time Wrestling Ultimate Challenge Special, 3/26/90

December 30, 2019

On this Place to Be Network Special, join Scott Criscuolo, Kelly Nelson & Jacob Williams as they get ready for Wrestlemania VI with a live watch of the Prime Time Wrestling Ultimate Challenge Special. Join Bobby & Gorilla from the CN Tower in Toronto as the pump up the biggest show of the year and all the matches involved, plus a couple of fun surprises. So sit back and enjoy this NOT the Place to Be Podcast special!

PTBN Network: GWWE Tag Team Project Special- Part Three

PTBN Network: GWWE Tag Team Project Special- Part Three

September 8, 2019

Better late than never.

It's the final part of Greg Diener and Robert Silva's Top Ten from the Greatest WWE Tag Team Project.

In the final part Greg and Robert look at The New Age Outlaws along with their #1 teams of all-time The Hart Foundation and Demolition.

They also look ahead at the Greatest WWE TV/PPV Matches Project and discuss how their respective lists might look like.

Plus if you love Phil Collins there's something for you in this episode.

PTBN Network: GWWE Tag Team Project Special - Part One

PTBN Network: GWWE Tag Team Project Special - Part One

April 21, 2019

Greg Diener and Robert Silva return with the sequel from last year’s Top Ten from the PTBN Greatest WWE Wrestler Project with their Top Tens from the recent PTBN Greatest WWE Tag Team Project.

In Part One, Greg and Robert discuss The Wild Samoans, The Islanders, The Rockers, The New Day, Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch & The Dudley Boyz.

A fun range of discussion regarding these six teams are talked about as Greg and Robert also go through the final PTBN GWWE Tag Teams list to see where their choices ranked alongside the aggregate results.

Part Two should be coming very soon, stay tuned for that.

PTBN Network PodBlast: WWE Super Show-Down Live Report

PTBN Network PodBlast: WWE Super Show-Down Live Report

October 6, 2018

In this PTBN Network PodBlast special, Stacey O'Loughlin shares her thoughts on attending WWE Super Show-Down Live!

In Poor Spirits: Nick Gage Invitational #3

In Poor Spirits: Nick Gage Invitational #3

September 15, 2018

On this special podcast Drew (@_burningspirits) Kevin (@stan__hansen) Tomas (@seektheoldblood) & Timothy (@luchaundead) review GCW's Nick Gage Invitational #3.

Mission: IndiePossible Live Watch Party

Mission: IndiePossible Live Watch Party

June 29, 2018
Journey with us on a tale of 3 adventures! First, THE COWBOY.
He shuffles down the hallway towards the front door. On the other side, a world ready to reject him. They say cowboys are old news. Society has moved on. Culture has taken over and he is a relic.
Nevertheless, he moves forward. His back aches as he bends down to put on his shoes. No, not shoes. Boots. Cowboy boots. Worn and weary, just like him, he thinks. The pain that most associate with old age is a bit stiffer for him, because his pain isn't just brought on by mother nature, but from the countless brawls and fisticuffs that he has waged war in. He hurts. Still, he would do it all again.
Boots on, he opens the door. Sunlight blinds him, as if to say, "GO BACK TO THE PAST, COWBOY." Even the sun rejects him. No matter. The rays of light are blocked out as he adjusts his Stetson hat. Another victory. Feeling a sense of pride, his shuffle gains some pep as he makes his way out. The way people treat him, you'd expect him to be at a hitching post, untying a mule. No, he has a car. Just because he's a cowboy doesn't mean he's a fool.
He drives. It is quiet. Lonely. Hot. He cares little for the vanities of life-air conditioning, radio broadcasts? Frills. Frills that weaken us. Sweat beads down his cheek as he approaches a stoplight. A car pulls up next to him, the horn honking.
Teenagers. Mocking his hat. "HEY BUCKAROO!", they yell, laughing. Middle fingers are raised and they spit towards him. He chuckles. Not because they are funny, but because he knows that if he felt like teaching them a lesson, they'd understand. But he is sore. He is aged. He is worn. There are only a handful of lessons left to teach, and this one is more important.
He looks to his knuckles. Even forming a fist now causes some pain. But that fist has administered justice more times than one can count....and it needed to do it again.
Yes, the cowboy is old. His time has passed. But tonight, he will muster the strength to teach one more lesson. To teach one 1980's yuppie that technology and wealth aren't the only things that matter. Respect is timeless, pride is ageless. Even cowboys know that. He'll show him. And he'll show him good.
He's going to make that yuppie wear a diaper.
It's the Live Watch!
PTBN Special: The New Pro Wrestling Only

PTBN Special: The New Pro Wrestling Only

June 24, 2018

Place to Be Nation and Pro Wrestling Only ( have had a great relationship over the last 5+ years. In this special interview, Charles outlines the new vision for PWO starting July 1st. Be sure to check out his work, starting on 7/1!

Dylan & Devon Hales Discuss GWWE

Dylan & Devon Hales Discuss GWWE

March 26, 2018

The Hales two man Power Trip is back to discuss their GWWE lists. Devon and Dylan discuss their process for composing their list and the grievances they had with the final published list. You might hear 1 or 2 HHH burials along the way. 

PTBN Live Watch Party: The WWF’s Most Unusual Matches

PTBN Live Watch Party: The WWF’s Most Unusual Matches

February 8, 2018

The sun's rays broke through the trees in a beautiful scattered array. Beams of light searched for ground to shine upon. One such beam made its way to the resting face of the sleeping General.

Feeling the warmth on his face, he stirred. It was morning already. Today was the day he met with the enemy camp. Peace could be finally be attained.

Rising to his feet and wiping at his eyes as if to draw some life into them, he yawned and surveyed his surroundings. His battalion was strong in number, but he knew the truth -- they were weak. Tired. Hungry. Sleeping in the woods has a way of taking the energy from even the most zealous young man.

He shuffled off to tent where the other ranking officers slept. Perhaps it was foolish that he slept outside with the grunts, but they adored him for it. They followed the others out of rank and order -- but they followed him out of admiration. He nudged someone and said, “It’s time.”

Soon they were dressed in full colors, medals and awards adorning them like ornaments on a Christmas tree. Their wagon pulled off from the camp and headed down the dark, dusty trail towards the meeting place.

The others were there already, a miscalculation by the General. Surely waking at sunrise should have gotten them there first to establish command.

What followed was long and tedious -- and we will spare you the details, but after hours of back and forth, negotiating and bargaining, compromising and strong arming -- a deal was struck! Peace would return.

The General could barely contain his smile as he signed his name on the treaty. On the other side of the room, the Chief stood. He walked to the treaty, eyed it over, then reached for the pen....until he locked eyes with the General.

“There is just one thing General....just one more thing I need you to know.”

A swift kick to the nuts! And a gory blade job! Chaos erupted! The war would continue!