Greg Diener and Robert Silva present the final part of their Top Ten series from the 2020 Greatest WCW Matches Project by looking at the Flair/Steamboat trilogy from 1989 as they discuss the greatness of this series and also find a way to work in a discussion about Ken Griffey Jr.
We'll see you next year for the Greatest WCW Wrestler project.
Greg Diener and Robert Silva return to present the second of a three part series going over their top ten's from last year's PTBN Greatest WCW Match project. In this episode they go over the I Quit Cage Match between Tully and Magnum at Starrcade '85, Flair v. Vader from Starrcade '93, The War Games '92 Match and Flair/Sting from Clash I.
Among some of the stuff discussed how great Tony Schiavone was, the amazing voice of Dr. Tom Miller, Bill Watts' reign in WCW and why Sting should give some of his money to Ric Flair for making his career.
One more part to go where we will discuss three more matches from our lists (we'll give you a hint they involve a guy named either Ric or Ricky or Both).

Jacob Williams and Tyler Kelley finish up their GWCW list, revealing their top 10 matches. Episode 10 sees the guys talk about the tippy-top matches in WCW history and explain what they thought was so great about each match. Check it out and see their final countdown.

Tyler Kelley and Jacob Williams are back with their penultimate episode, covering their #20-11 matches. Episode 9 sees the guys cover brutality, intensity, cages and a whole lotta Ric Flair. Plus the talk about some matches! Check it out and see how the top of their lists are taking shape and what you agree with or disagree with, as the guys starting winding down their lists.

It's another year and another top ten series of shows on the Place to be Wrestling Network. Greg Diener and Robert Silva present their annual sharing of their respective top ten's from the previous year's PTBN ballot.
This time they go over their Top Ten from last year's Greatest WCW Match Ever ballot. Among the matches discussed: Flair/Funk at GAB '89 and Clash IX, Steamboat vs. Rude at Beach Blast '92, the big tag team title match at Final Conflict and so much more!
Stay tuned on the PTB Wrestling Network for Part 2.

Jacob Williams and Tyler Kelley are hitting the top-tier matches in their GWCW list  covering matches #30-21 in this episode. Episode 8 sees the guys cover multiple classic tag team matches, brutally fun brawls and share defense of a low vote on highly regarded match  Check it out and see what matches you agree with, disagree with and how the top of their lists are shaking out.

Tyler Kelley and Jacob Williams are back with their GWCW list countdown covering matches #40-31. In episode 7 they cover a little bit of everything, from technical classics to crazy bumping brawls and a heapin' helpin' of great Southern style tag team wrestling.  Check it out and see what matches you agree with, disagree with and how their lists are progressing.

Jacob Williams and Tyler Kelley continue their GWCW list countdown with their #50- 41 matches.In episode 6 they discuss Dusty Rhodes commentary on a Dusty Rhodes match, Barry Windham appreciation, cruiserweights, Russians and more.  Check it out and see what matches you agree with, disagree with and how their lists are progressing.

In this limited pod series, Tyler Kelly and Jake Williams are revealing their GWCW Match lists and discuss their picks. In the first installment, the guys discuss their mindset going into the project and go right into picks 100-91. Do you agree with their picks? Do they agree with each other? Do they even agree with themselves? Listen and find out!

On the debut episode of this new podblast series, Drew Wardlaw and Ryan Everett introduce the show, explain the PTBN GWCW project, share their history with WCW, and take a look at a few of the best tag matches from the 80s:
Rock n Roll Express vs The Russians 7/9/85
Midnight Express vs The Fantastics 03/26/88
Barry Windham/Lex Luger vs The Horsemen 04/10/88

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