Host Steve Wille invites regulars Glenn Butler, Jason Greenhouse and A SPECIAL MYSTERY GUEST (OK, it’s Jordan Duncan) to sit down, have a caffeinated beverage and do live commentary over the 8/9/1993 episode of Monday Night Raw. And after a year-long break, the crew dives back into WCW Nitro, picking up where the Place to Be Podcast left off – the 11/13/1995 episode.

The boys barely make it through an episode featuring the Lex Luger and Yokozuna contract signing and the debut of the Heavenly Bodies. They try to solve the mystery of Beau Beverly’s disappearance and completely sweat through their Mr. Hughes cosplay getup. They watch a stacked card on Nitro, with Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero and Chris…wait, is that the Midnight Rider? And was that the oddest Hulk Hogan promo of all-time?

Make sure to check out the Bobby Who tribute video at!

In the latest edition of the Place to Be Nation Live Watch Party, the Triple Threat of Steve Wille, Glenn Butler, and Jordan Duncan get together for an Extreme Happy Hour!. They serve up the premiere episode of ECW on TNN and dish about how the RVD and Jerry Lynn series influenced the early 2000's "indie style." They discover Colt Cabana's past as Chicago's most unlikely sweater model and debate who on the ECW roster is more attractive than Jason, the Sexiest Man on Earth. After discussing the merits of Taz, the boys try to help New Jack solve the age-old question, "Where's the drugs at?" Break out the painkillers and appletinis, because it's time for an extreme happy hour!

Come celebrate the Thanksgiving tradition with the PTBN Rewatch Party, as the crew look back at past Survivor Series matches of note. Steve Wille, Jason Greenhouse, Chad Campbell, Glenn Butler, and Jordan Duncan watch the 20-man tag from Survivor Series 1988 and the wild card bout from 1995. Along the way, they talk about Nikolai Volkoff, bad clotheslines, the Washington Bullets, Ahmed Johnson, and the sad decline of Yokozuna. The infamous "Mullet of the Night" award gets a new name! So pull up a TV tray, grab some green bean casserole and Mama Butler's pumpkin pie, and join the silliest podcast on this here feed!

The PTBN Rewatch Party never stops, as Steve Wille, Glenn Butler, Jordan Duncan, Jason Greenhouse and Chad Campbell get together to watch the 7/12/93 and 7/19/93 editions of Monday Night Raw. The boys talk about Mr. Fuji, ECW in 1993, the Lex Express, and a deep dive into the PWI 500 for that year. Plus, a match that many call the MOTY for 1993. Will our panel agree? Turn on your WWE Network and grab a seat, because you're invited to the Rewatch Party!

IT’S A NEW DAY!!! The Rewatch Party continues as the crew reviews the June 28th and July 5th, 1993 editions of Monday Night Raw! Will Steve Wille make a successful leap to the host’s chair, or will he fall into the hole left from the slam heard round the world? Join Steve and special guests Jordan Duncan, Roger Morrissette and Glenn Butler as they discuss the WWE Network’s streaming issues, Rick Steiner’s buffoonery, Adam Bomb, Mike Sharpe, Barry Horowitz, and what exactly was Men on a Mission’s mission? So put on your American flag windbreaker, do some light stretching and make sure you lift from your legs, as we’re about to open a new chapter of the PTBN Rewatch Party!

Note: this was recorded prior to the buffering issues being resolved with the WWE Network.

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