On this episode of Richer &The Mailman, the guys dream of a world where a movie depicting a deer playing football exist. Jeff makes his situati....errrrr scenariao worse by giving Andy even more diaboical and cruel ideas.They also have an exclusive interview with the guy who punched Snookie!

In this episode of Richer & The Mailman Go to The Jersey Shore, Josh finds himself starting to feel bad for Mike (aka The Situation) and for feeling any joy in his sad attempts to treat women like objects. Later they debate whether the theme song gives one the same jubilant feeling as the Golden Girls theme. Finally they discuss the nature of blackouts (of the drunken kind) and why Josh is definitely not a Lannister.

So check out this episode of Richer & The Mailman if you are a fan of Jersey Shore or the forced viewing of it.

After Andy tracks down Jeff, they join Josh to continue peeling back the onion that is Guido culture in an attempt to prove to Josh that they do have souls. Oily, oily, souls. This episode sees the trio saying "Good Riddance" to Angelina's married boyfriend drama and her blatant disrespect for her boss and landlord; trying to make sense of the love triangle Situation, and at one point holding their penis in their respective hands as Josh explains piercings down there.

This episode of Richer & The Mailman finds Andy revealing his evil plan to kill Josh by rotting his brain through mindless reality TV, more specifically MTV's smash hit The Jersey Shore.

Josh obviously hates it from the go but admits to be fascinated by it, Jeff hates that Josh hates it, and Andy keeps them hostage like Jigsaw.... if Jigsaw was in high school.

Grab the tanning oil and the garlic bread and head down to the Jersey Shore on Richer & The Mailman.

On an long this long awaited episode of Richer & The Mailman, Josh and Jeff finally break down the Season 1 finale of Better Call Saul.

They discuss what they loved, what they hated, and the pain of trying to please others. Josh also describes how his life was directly affected by scam artists on a recent trip home.

Finally, Jeff listens to prior episodes and his revelations quickly escalates into a unforeseen (but totally foreseen) hostage situation that puts our heroes in jeopardy and sets up the next season of Richer & The Mailman!

This week on Richer & The Mailman Do Better Call Saul, the following things happened:

-Josh and the Mailman discuss the stunning, pentultimate episode of Better Call Saul Season 1 entitled "Pimento"

-The first Richurrence known to man is brought up which leads to a appropriate/inappropriate David Koresh reference.

-Jeff sees the Pacers and Celtics play on Reggie Miller's AND Detlef Schrempf's off-night.

-Josh weaves a tale of the perfect crime

Plus, Jeff is dead!

So sit back, relax, and check out this week's Richer & The Mailman!
This week's episode of Richer & The Mailman features the following things:

-Talk about the Better Call Saul episode "Rico" including the conclusion that Chuck is NOT "Rain Man" 

-Life as it relates to endless suffering interspersed with moments of joy and whether immortality is a solution.

- Josh breaking the news to Jeff that Mallrats 2 is a go.

-Jeff propositioning Josh for sex.

-Mailman tips for cleanliness both in the bedroom and bathroom

- Soul switching!

And of course....laughter.

So check out this week's episode of Richer & The Mailman!

FFO Magic Fountains and Chinese Restaurant curses.
Get out your markers because we are playing "Bingo" on this week's Richer and The Mailman!

After running through last week's failures and all of the Easter Eggs thus far, the duo discuss all that is to hate about Nancy Kettleman plus even more to like about Mike. And of course....everything Saul.

Later they come up with a plan to finance the podcast, discuss Jesus' similarities to Jigsaw and actually somewhat agree about Chris Borland's decision to try to avoid dementia in his later years.

So sit back and listen to a show more exciting than hearing numbers and letters called on this week's episode of Richer & The Mailman!

This week on Richer and The Mailman do Better Call Saul, Josh and Jeff are back to discuss why the world needs tragedy and poor decisions...... Or at least concede that without it, ABQ, Ball'more, and New Jersey would be as boring as wherever it is that you live.

They discuss the in and outs of the tearjerker that was "Five-O" and Jonathan Banks' chance at an Emmy, Josh listens to Jeff try to make himself feel better about the Patriots loss of Darrelle Revis, and the two outline how St Patrick's Day can reach that elusive next level for holidays.

Plus: more wagers!

So check out this edition of Richer and The Mailman!
Welcome back to a brand new epsiode of Richer & The Mailman. This week Josh and Jeff Do Better Call Saul...still.

This week, they tackle "Alpine Shepherd Boy" head on, after handling the corrections and missed connections from last week. Josh reaffirms why he hates Drake and what lyricists he does  like.

Then the guys discuss the importance of being earnest while Jeff explains the origin of "going postal."  The entire time Josh does a very subtle impression of everyone's favorite prophet to adhere to a code of fairness.

So check out this edition of Richer and The Mailman.

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