September 23, 2020

Row 1, Seat 1 #53: Nolan Edward

Ben welcomes independent wrestler Nolan Edward to the show this week! @_nolanedward discusses his time before wrestling as a producer on the MTV show Catfish and the lessons it taught for wrestling, his stint working for IMPACT Wrestling, and his tenure now as an independent wrestler throughout the US and Canada. Nolan can be seen this week at @ParadigmProWres and coming up at @collective2020! A fun show so check it out!

September 9, 2020

Row 1, Seat 1 #52: Derek Neal

Ben welcomes Southeastern independent wrestling veteran Derek Neal to the podcast this week! @DerekNeal91 discusses what it's like to be a veteran of the independent scene for over 15 years, including working Kentucky and Tennessee, the Nashville scene, and finally his current run in @NewSouthPW, where he is the current holder of the largest belt in professional wrestling. A fun show so check it out!

Ben welcomes independent wrestling legend and former WWE star Colin Delaney to the show this week! Ben and @ExtremelyCute discuss the independent landscape and how it's changed since the mid-2000s, including the evolution of such promotions as Chikara and @AIWwrestling. Colin also discusses his run in WWE and how it came out of absolutely nowhere! A fun show so check it out! 

Ben celebrates his 50th episode by welcoming independent wrestler Thomas Shire onto the show. @NotThatShire discusses his training with Dory Funk Jr., wrestling in Florida and Texas, and the @STLAnarchy Strong Style Series coming up on August 8th. A fun show so check it out! 

In this week's episode of Row 1, Seat 1, Ben welcomes Paradigm Pro Wrestling promoter Gary Wilson! Gary discusses his love of UWFI and Japanese wrestling, and how that prompted him to promote a UWFI Rules tournament at @ParadigmProWres. Ben and Gary then break down the promotion's Heavy Hitters 2 card from last week. A fun show! 

Ben is joined by independent wrestler extraordinaire O'Shay Edwards this week! @AllDamnDayOShay discusses his last year since appearing on the show, including moving to the Washington DC area, training with Ring of Honor, ruling the Grapitol region, SCI, and appearing at Beyond. O'Shay also remarks on what has happened recently in the DC scene, and how he sees things growing from it. A great show with a great wrestler! 

On this week's installment of Row 1, Seat 1, Ben interviews up-and-coming talents Lee Moriarty and Talon Oxyn! @apexofcombat, a budding star from Pittsburgh, details his rise through the indies and desire to perform in Japan. @TalonOxyn talks about the Atlanta scene, including appearances with AWE. Both wrestlers also discuss the Black Lives Matter movement and what we can do to help. An informative show!

This week on Row 1, Seat 1, Ben speaks with up-and-coming wrestlers Timmy Lou Retton and Lutha X! @TimmyLouWho discusses his gymnastics background and how it helped him in wrestling, as well as his singles career and tag team, the Gym Nasty Boys. @XLutha recounts his 12 years in the Army before wrestling and how it prepared him for his current work in the ring. Both wrestlers also provide valuable insights as to the state of race relations and how we can help. 



This week Ben brings on Prime Time Pro Wrestling promoter Mister Gator to the show! @TheMisterGator talks about his year running PTPW, what he's learned, running in Washington, DC, and some of the talents he's highlighted during the promotion's tenure. A fun show so check it out! 

This week Ben welcomes on Southern independent wrestler Alan Angels to the show! @Alan_Angels_ discusses wrestling, wrestling and more wrestling, including coming up as a wrestler under AR Foxx and QT Marshall, establishing himself in Southern promotions, and his recent appearances on AEW, including his now famous match with Kenny Omega. A fun show so check it out!

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