August 22, 2017

Shoot Faction Podcast #2

Smash Mouth Pro Wrestling and Revolutionary Strong champion Amazing Maria and filmmaker Gezus Zaire, director pro wrestling docus "New Girls in Town" andl "High Heels" available on Amazon Video are back again talking about their favorite wrestling memories. 
Episode two features the hosts' thoughts on the best jobber of all-time and an experience where Sherri Martel goes wild, dropping all of her clothes. We learn about Amazing Maria's childhood struggles to find wrestling on TV in rural Dunnville, Kentucky. Also discussed is her crush on Marty Jannetty and how Randy Savage angered a young Zaire by cheating Tito Santana out of the Intercontinental Championship. 
August 8, 2017

Shoot Faction Podcast #1

The Shoot Faction Podcast is hosted by Smash Mouth Pro Wrestling and Revolutionary Strong champion Amazing Maria as well as filmmaker Gezus Zaire, director of "New Girls in Town" featuring Mia Yim and Shayna Baszler as well as "High Heels" featuring Amazing Maria and Booker T., available on Amazon Video.
On this episode, we share our experiences of watching pro wrestling with our grandmothers who didn't know it was predetermined, blowing an allowance on a Hulk Hogan action figure, Rick Rude's muscles and watching Savage vs. Steamboat during WrestleMania III. Amazing Maria, a real life heel, also shares a touching moment as one of her best friends, Sarah Logan participates in the Mae Young Classic. 
Please feel free to send opinions about the show to @rebellifemedia and @amazing_maria on Twitter. 

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