WHAT’RE YOU LOOKIN’ AT?! Or, in this case, listening to? Why, it’s a deep dive into the World Championship Wrestling career of Perry Saturn, of course! The versatile ECW alum made a quick impact in WCW, carving out a prominent mid-card role during one of the company’s hottest eras and wrestling a variety of high-quality opponents. With his combination of size, agility, toughness and believability, he brought an ECW flair to Turner country. Tim, Jenny and Greg explore some of Saturn’s biggest moments, charting key points in a years-long story arc with Raven. Join the gang as we follow Saturn through battles against cripplers, innovators and icemen!

In this PTBN Pop Crossover special, Jennifer Smith is fresh off her first ever Wrestlemania trip! Joining her to regale Tim Capel with NOLA stories is Nick Duke of the Hard Traveling Fanboys! They run down the entire weekend, from booze and bars to surreal grocery shopping and unexpected van rides. Oh and of course there wrestling talk too but this is more about the social experience of an unlikely group of people who shared a truly one of a kind weekend in New Orleans.

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