On this episode of Talk'n WCW, Jennifer Smith, Tim Capel and Greg Phillips hop aboard the Midnight Express! The gang focuses on this legendary tag team with three matches from their outstanding WCW career. From a FANTASTIC time in Baltimore to a star-studded brawl in Tennessee plus a stopover in Chicago for a total Tim match, Beautiful Bobby and Sweet Stan drive this train and we fall in love along the way. Enjoy the ride with the Midnights and Talk'n WCW!

Long before you knew him as "Latino Heat," Eddie Guerrero had already made his mark in professional wrestling as an accomplished international star, lauded for his ring savvy and heat-seeking character work. Son of a proud wrestling dynasty, this second-generation sensation would make his mark on WCW starting in the fall of 1995, bringing style and credibility to the burgeoning Monday Nitro through a combination of high-flying feats and technical precision. Though initially unremarkable as a plucky babyface character plying his trade, Eddie nonetheless connected with an awestruck U.S. audience through his breathtaking ring prowess. Undergoing a radical character transformation in 1997, Guerrero gradually revealed his true colors as the miserable scoundrel fans loved to hate (and love again). On this episode of Talk'n WCW, we honor the legacy of Eddie Guerrero with three matches tracking his evolution in the promotion. First, an unheralded early TV showcase against one of the all-time greats highlighting Eddie’s ring presence and daring underdog persona. Then, an example of Guerrero’s ingenuity by making the most of a then-rarely seen stipulation match in the escalating war between WCW and the nWo, with the U.S. title on the line. And finally, a "second chance" match for the podcast that sees the dastardly heel Eddie face off against perhaps his greatest rival in a preternaturally perfect bout. He lies! He cheats! He steals... our hearts! This is our tribute to the influential, inimitable, IMMORTAL Eddie Guerrero.

C’mon, bay bay, and join Jenny, Tim and Greg as they discuss the World Championship Wrestling career of the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n Rolla, the paragon of virtue, the man who went undefeated against Goldberg, Chris Jericho! We look at matches from the cruiserweight pioneer’s early days as a plucky babyface battling familiar international foes and cheating legends, then take a brief look at his iconic 1998 with a rare battle against a fellow heel. It’s a journey through the rise of the Man of 1,004 Holds!

In this edition of Talk'n WCW, Jennifer Smith, Tim Capel and Greg Phillips slip on their Mike and Ike trunks to talk the career of Stunning Steve Austin! The crew take a look at a trio of Austin matches spanning two years of his WCW run. Barry Windham, Brian Pillman and Dustin Rhodes are his competitors, where they find that being a complete heel seems to come very easily to Austin, featured here accompanied by two of the best managers in the business. Everyone knows Stone Cold but here's to Stunning Steve! 

The gang takes a break from wrestler retrospectives for a seasonally appropriate spotlight on WCW's midsummer classic: The Great American Bash! While we've had a few match picks from the Bash on episodes past, it just felt right to devote an entire discussion to this thoroughly nostalgic - and thoroughly WCW - high concept. After a bit of history and reminiscence, we turn our attention to three representative exemplary matches each from a different edition of the prestigious event. Greg is on deck first, offering a United States Championship defense that would've been right at home on our last episode. Next, Tim makes the case for an overlooked jewel of a tag team bout... problematic iconography notwithstanding. And finally, Jenny closes us out in upstanding fashion with a World Heavyweight Championship showdown of superheroic proportions (which also incidentally completes our coverage of a certain trilogy of classic matches)! All this and we barely scratch the surface of GAB's grand lineage. Could this be a Talk'n WCW tradition in the making?? Well, we'd be remiss in our duties if you weren't left a little wil'-eyed and wonderin'!

Not a hoax! Not a dream! The packeege is real, and it's the TOTAL PACKEEGE! Because you demanded it (or Jenny wanted to get it over with), Lex Luger at last takes center stage! This does prove to be our most divisive episode, which is to say that all three participants had light disagreements with each of their co-host's match picks as well as the accolades (allocades?) of the man himself. Nevertheless, it may well be our most star-studded edition of the show, with the likes of Sting, Ric Flair, the Steiner Brothers, and Hulk Hogan represented in our "Flexy Lexy" match selections. More than power personified, does this versatile, consummate performer ever truly get his due? Join us for this episode chronicling the fits and starts of a sometimes frustrating, yet unforgettable career. Talk'n WCW: IR'FUTABLE EVIDENCE of excellence!

March 29, 2021

Talk’n WCW #19: Raven

What about us? What about Talk'n WCW?! In this edition, Jenny, Tim and Greg turn their attention to a WCW star who burned bright but burned out soon after: from the Bowery, it's RAVEN! The gang takes a look at the ECW stalwart's brilliant 1998, a year that saw him capture the United States championship and engage in memorable feuds with a variety of fellow rising talents. We see a violent grudge match against a fierce Canadian foe, a wild championship brawl against one of WCW's most popular wrestlers, and a blow off match that illustrates Scott Levy's wrestling brilliance. So it is written. So it shall come to pass.
February 18, 2021

Talk’n WCW #18: Steven Regal

Talk'n WCW returns with a royally fun look at His Lordship Steven Regal! From a bout in Houston with a legend to a somewhat controversial Superbrawl showing and a surprisingly epic match with an unlikely opponent, there is a lot to appreciate from this highly skilled and entertaining wrestler. Hosts Jennifer Smith, Tim Capel and Greg Phillips discuss the importance of the World TV Title, awesome and detailed character work, great uncle Lord Rupert, precision timing by Team Regal, Michael Buffer intros, the best Regal music, Larry Z's blackbelt, Seiko watches and so much more. Enjoy this exploration into one of the most unique and dastardly heels of World Championship Wrestling!

November 7, 2020

Talk’n WCW #17: Vader

After spotlighting several of this legend's classic bouts on previous episodes, at last IT'S TIME! IT'S TIME! IT'S... VADER TIME! Oh yes, the Van They Call Vader steps into the spotlight for a dedicated edition of Talk'n WCW. Watch him bring out the monster in Sting, courtesy of a brutal stipulation; match power-for-power with the British Bulldog in an underrated gem; and defy Cleveland transplant Cactus Jack's bid for bloody vengeance. PLUS: Harley Race, Depression Era movie villain and 1983 Eurythmics back-up dancer. Award-winning WCW mini movies! Vader's shocking connection to the Dungeon of Doom! And probably some surprise wrestler run-ins! As a special THEME WITHIN A THEME, all of our selected matches were held in 1993 (and we totally planned it that way). Enjoy this sampling from the most dominant year of WCW's most dominant Mastodon. NO PAIN! NO PAIN! NO PAIN!

August 29, 2020

Talk’n WCW #16: The Giant

From the minds that brought you Talk'n Pop comes Talk'n WCW, a unique look at the talents and matches that built the legacy of World Championship Wrestling. Paul Wight was memorably described by long-time rival Kevin Nash as "one-dimensional," but Jenny, Tim, and Greg put the lie to that criticism by examining three -- wait, make that four! -- big time matches showcasing the versatility and dominance of WCW's Giant! With power, agility, and rapid regenerative abilities that would put a certain diminutive Canucklehead to shame, our selection of bouts highlights The Giant's prowess both in-ring and behind the wheel (allegedly). Listen as the industry's three biggest stars CRUMBLE before his might, shorn of their dignity, their gold, and their... spot! Who says WCW couldn't book a Giant?? Join us for this celebration of wrestling's BEST super heavyweight (we said what we said). AGGGGHHHHHH!!!

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