July 16, 2016

The Criss-Cross #2

Welcome to The Criss Cross, NOW not just a dumb ass wrestling spot! Here Place to Be Nation's boldest and brightest fight to the death about wrestling. In this second episode Aaron and Ivan welcome Ben Morse, Jordan Duncan and Jason Greenhouse into the arena. Together they tackle:

- What is the biggest surprise the WWE could do at the draft?
- Pitch Broken Matt Hardy's next storyline.
- Who's wrestling's all-time best dad?
- Who is the MVP of the WWE in 2016 so far?
- Who was the worst member of the Alliance?

This one is littered in personal attacks and questionable morality. Enjoy! 
June 12, 2016

The Criss-Cross #1

Welcome to The Criss-Cross! Here, Place to Be Nation's best and brightest come to fight like children about wrestling. In this inaugural edition, Aaron and Ivan welcome The Cowboy Roger Morrissette, Brian Bayless and the incomparable J. Arsenio D'Amato. Together they tackle:

-What is the greatest Money in the Bank Cash-In of all time?
-Which female WWE personality would they marry?
-How would each book a Cena heel turn?
-Who is the most overrated current WWE Superstar?
-Who is the best dressed man in WWE/F history.

The battle lines are drawn. One will win. Two will fall. All will cry! The Criss-Cross. Place To Be Nation's Wrestling debate show.

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