"The Special Relations are back with you for a spooktacular time as they complete a year of podcasting together.
We are joined by special guest and actual American Tim Capel.  You get to hear Rory appear, disappear then reappear again. It was almost like we recorded out of sequence!
We reminisce about Halloween Havocs past as well as talking about the NXT version coming up. Rory vanishes for a while, but Ben, Calum and Tim pick up the ball a la HHH in '98 and discuss some of the people they like now who they didn't like when they first started watching.
In the second half of the show we discuss some of Tim's favourite Britishisms that he has heard us come out with over this past year. It's a bloody cracking segment, mate! 
We finish up by visiting Tim's Happy Place where the gang watch a brutal battle from 2012 that surprised them all!
As always, come for the content but stay for the silliness with the Special Relations!
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On the 11th episode of the Special Relations the chaps are joined by special guest, Actual American (but not a mud pie!) Logan Crosland!
We open proceedings by discussing the Thunderdome and how aesthetically pleasing it is or isn't. That is followed with a conversation ostensibly about WWE stars in Hollywood, but soon descends into chaos as we both reveal the number of WWE films and some of those films that we are sure you have all seen(?)
The second half of the show we are joined by a special guest to help us sell some merch and we also mark the anniversary of Shockmaster's wrestling debut by remembering some of our favoUrite 'bad' debuts.  We wrap things up with a visit to Logans happy place as we go back to 2000 and a match that would not be able to take place today (at least some of the spots would be different).
All this and so much more on the latest edition of The Special Relations!
On the 10th episode of The Special Relations (we can't believe it either!) the chaps are joined by special guest, actual American 'The Podfather' himself Scott Criscuolo.
After much fawning and hero worship from the 3 of us (some serious Wayne's World flashbacks) at the beginning we soon get down to business.   We have a very special in-depth discussion about Summerslam past which includes some obvious and not-so-obvious discussion points.  In Our FavoUrite Things we discussed some of our favoUrite entrances as well as music and wrestler pops.  In the second half of the show we each put together our British Band supergroup and explain why we have picked the person we have.  In the final part of the show we take a visit to Scott's happy place which includes watching a match that should rank high in everyone's GWCW list!
All this and all of the usual tangents off-script in episode 10 of the Special Relations!
On the latest episode of The Special Relations the chaps dig out their best suits from the back of the wardrobe for a very special edition! After a bit of a catch up where the lads discuss their own memories from weddings they have attended in the past (for no real reason..) they then talk about their favoUrite wrestling weddings (again, just because they can....) In the second part of the show "Rors" gets to take us all to his Happy Place (well, why not?) plus invites us all in for a livewatch of...well....you'll find out! 
Sound the bells!
On the latest episode of The Special Relations the chaps go without a script and hardly any prep yet still manage to talk for well over two hours!
After a bit of a catch up and some sport chat - but only a little, don't panic! -we then go into a discussion about cinematic wrestling that results in a very healthy debate with three differing viewpoints.

The second part of the show we are watching a classic Clash as a result of Calum winning a private wager over our respective performance on Body Press Your Luck.  Steve Regal and Barry Windham fans: this is the live watch for you!

Rory, Ben and Calum are back and joined by perennial guest star and actual American Shawn Kidd! After catching up for a few minutes they dive into the whole Coronavirus-Wrestling situation, and then from there (as dear old Vince would say), look at the ‘New Normal’ of Working From Home which includes Ben losing it for a while.

Our FavoUrite Things is a fond look at some of the best wrestling video games of yesteryear and Shawn's Happy Place allows the chaps to make as many mafia references as possible as well as watching a forgotten classic from 1987.

They wrap the show up with an announcement from Ben and Shawn as well as the great WrestleMania 17 vs 19 debate! Come for the wrestling chat but stay for the banter or else you will be sleeping with the fishes!

On Sunday March 29th 2020 Calum, Ben and Rory broadcast a special live edition of the Special Relations to all four corners of the globe. If you weren't at one of those corners, or you just want to relive it all over again(and why wouldn't you?) join the chaps as they live watch the 22nd September 1997 edition of Monday Night RAW, spend far too long talking about King Of The Ring 1995, and maybe get visited by one or two guests...! 

On the newest episode of The Special Relations, join us for over 2 hours of silliness and some serious chat as we welcome our first special guest and actual American Jennifer Smith.
In this episode, Ben and Jenny try to book a WWE version of Love Is Blind and try sell the show to Calum and Rory without much success.  We also look at our favourite under rated WrestleMania which may have Ben, Calum and Jenny laughing very immaturely when Rory is trying make a serious point.  We finish the episode with Jenny taking us to her Happy Place which will include a trip on the road to watch Jenny’s favourite match.
All this and much more on Episode #6 of The Special Relations!

Take your mind off everything that is going on in the world with 2 hours of silliness from across the pond! Including the boys coming up with a current day WWE football team, picking out our favoUrite DVD sets and the debut of the Happy Place (featuring a Mandy Rose lookalike you will not believe!). All this and more with The Special Relations!

In a bonus episode (that’s right 2 specials in 5 episodes) the Special Relations get to finish their GWWE lists, and inside ten hours too! 
Come for the lists but stay for Ben having a counterpoint to those complaining about his unpopular opinion, Rory attempting to watch (and rename) NXT TakeOver Portland and Calum for making a schoolboy error with a match omission.  All this and much, much more in Episode 5 (or 4b) of The Special Relations!

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