**The Special Relations Trio will return with a brand new episode in August!"

On Sunday March 29th 2020 Calum, Ben and Rory broadcast a special live edition of the Special Relations to all four corners of the globe. If you weren't at one of those corners, or you just want to relive it all over again(and why wouldn't you?) join the chaps as they live watch the 22nd September 1997 edition of Monday Night RAW, spend far too long talking about King Of The Ring 1995, and maybe get visited by one or two guests...! 

On episode 20 of the Special Relations join Calum McDougall, Rory McNamara and Ben Locke as they battle through technical and British Internet Problems to bring you another fine show for your listening entertainment.

On the show we catch up on our personal lives and then have a discussion about the European Championship tournament that is currently taking place.  When we get round to talking about wrestling we finally have a conversation about Charlotte Flair(just for a change!) as well as talking about the return of fans and some of the rumoured events that are making a return.

In the second part of the show we carry on with our interview/review series by talking about the recent interview between Renee Paquette and Tommy End/Aleister Black.  We then watch a match from 2018 that is one of Black's best.  We wrap up with talk your way out of this one which contains a threat to one of Scotland's finest music exports.

All this and so much more whilst the lads are trying to watch the France-Portugal game only on the Special Relations!

On episode n-n-n-n-nineteen of The Special Relations join Calum McDougall, Rory McNamara and Ben Locke as they try to combine buffoonery with the odd serious comment. On this episode the boys each bring a topic to the table to discuss.  This includes the current storyline direction for Roman Reigns and The Usos, nationalism in wrestling and how that relates to one Cody Rhodes and talking about our favoUrite bad matches! In the second part we carry on our interview series by reviewing Legends with JBL with Jimmy Hart, an interview that was a lot better than you would think.  The boys (well 2 of them) then go back to 2004 and watch JBL's bloody war with Eddie Guerrero.

Come for some lively debate but stay for the pre Euro 2020 tournament smack talk, it's the Special Relations!"

"On episode 18 of the Special Relations join Calum McDougall, Rory McNamara and Ben Locke as they come of age for another show that ranges from the serious to the surreal!
The episode begins with a discussion about the major news and sporting subject of the week here in the UK which was the formation of the European Super League and the subsequent withdrawal of 9 of the clubs involved. If you come to our pod for some light-hearted wrestling chat you may want to skip the first 40 minutes or so as we are very serious and angry!!
We then make a start on our recurring feature about reminiscing about 1996 and we cover January right through to Wrestlemania 12, we also preview the next couple of parts where nothing important really happens.
In the second part we carry on our look at some of the interviews that are available on the WWE network, this time we focus on Chris Jericho's appearance Broken Skull Sessions whilst making you wait for Jimmy Hart/JBL. Our live watch takes us back to May 2001 for a match that thanks to one of the competitors in it no longer gets any publicity. We end with another award winning edition of Talk Your Way Out Of This One.
Come for the concept but stay for the anger it's the Special Relations!"

In episode 17 of The Special Relations Calum McDougall, Rory McNamara and Ben Locke are back with the usual mix of seriousness and nonsense.

In this episode the boys discuss all things Wrestlemania including why this years edition is not grabbing their attention as well as the diminishing returns of previous modern Manias.  They also discuss the wrestling rumour mill and use the Andrade/Charlotte situation to help make sense of things.

In the 2nd part of the show we carry on our interview series where we review Chris Jerichos interview with Stephanie McMahon talking about what worked and theorizing about what didnt and why it stopped after 2 editions, we then go back 3 years and watch one of her best matches featuring Steph, HHH, Kurt Angle and Rhonda Rousey.  We finish with another round of Talk Your Way Out Of This One.


Come for the concept but stay for the tough semi, it's the Special Relations.

In Episode #15 of The Special Relations Ben, Calum and Rory return to some regularly scheduled programming.  
First we preview the upcoming Royal Rumble and reminisce about Rumbles gone by because you've got to haven't you?  We also go into detail on our upcoming stretch project looking at 1996 in both wrestling and  pop culture.  There is a discussion on our favourite squash match workers of all time and Calum brings chapter 1 of the Happy Place to a close.  Come for the bantz but stay for the..ermm..analysiz on episode #15 of The Special Relations!
On the 14th episode of The Special Relations the boys throw on their best clothes and invite some very special guests round for the Office Christmas Party!
2020 may have been a shit show of a year but Ben, Calum and Rory try to end it on a good note by being joined by Shawn Kidd, Scott Criscuolo, Logan Crosland and Tim Capel to live watch the iconic Happy Place favourite Summerslam 1989! Along the way they get to plug and promote every show available on the PTBN Network as well as discussing the GWCW project.  We are also able to watch a great show, so that's nice!
 All this and so much more on episode 14 of the Special Relations!
Merry Christmas to all our listeners!
On Episode 13 (not 12, Calum!) of The Special Relations join the chaps as they celebrate 1 year on the air by breaking Rory's takeover cherry, as they livewatch Takeover R:Evolution
The boys pay tribute to the late Diego Maradona as well as making friends with AEW fans before settling in to watch the show.  Along the way they discuss Scotland's glorious progress to the finals of the Euro 2020 tournament, encounter a spot of dead air where they all thought they had been booted off the chat, natter about some festival faux pas, assess the Jam album 'In the City', share some of our favourite segments from the last year and - when they can be bothered - get involved in some occasional wrestling chat too.  
All this as well as trying to make a fan of NXT out of Rory on the latest episode of The Special Relations!
"The Special Relations are back with you for a spooktacular time as they complete a year of podcasting together.
We are joined by special guest and actual American Tim Capel.  You get to hear Rory appear, disappear then reappear again. It was almost like we recorded out of sequence!
We reminisce about Halloween Havocs past as well as talking about the NXT version coming up. Rory vanishes for a while, but Ben, Calum and Tim pick up the ball a la HHH in '98 and discuss some of the people they like now who they didn't like when they first started watching.
In the second half of the show we discuss some of Tim's favourite Britishisms that he has heard us come out with over this past year. It's a bloody cracking segment, mate! 
We finish up by visiting Tim's Happy Place where the gang watch a brutal battle from 2012 that surprised them all!
As always, come for the content but stay for the silliness with the Special Relations!
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On the 11th episode of the Special Relations the chaps are joined by special guest, Actual American (but not a mud pie!) Logan Crosland!
We open proceedings by discussing the Thunderdome and how aesthetically pleasing it is or isn't. That is followed with a conversation ostensibly about WWE stars in Hollywood, but soon descends into chaos as we both reveal the number of WWE films and some of those films that we are sure you have all seen(?)
The second half of the show we are joined by a special guest to help us sell some merch and we also mark the anniversary of Shockmaster's wrestling debut by remembering some of our favoUrite 'bad' debuts.  We wrap things up with a visit to Logans happy place as we go back to 2000 and a match that would not be able to take place today (at least some of the spots would be different).
All this and so much more on the latest edition of The Special Relations!

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