With the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the city's first world championship in 54 years, I had to get on the phone one of the biggest Cleveland sports fan I know, Amanda Kratzer-Myers. She gives a great perspective of what it means to witness her first championship in her lifetime. And, what it meant for her parents who have lived through heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak.

So, give this bonus episode a listen as we'll be back next week with our regular weekly episode. 
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On this week's episode comedian and writer Spike Friedman joined T.J. to talk on a number of topics like his Seattle Seahawks, what to expect when the Olympics start in Rio from his time spent in the city during the World Cup in 2014 and his time while writing at Grantland. Plus, we talked about what a cast of Space Jam 2 would look like. 

Spoiler: Kevin Hart may play every role in the movie.
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This week's show is dedicate to the victims and their families of the Orlando tragedy. As the lead announcer, and voice of Austin, TX's Inspire Pro Wrestling, Eamon Paton sits down with T.J. to talk about doing play by play work in pro wrestling. We also discuss if having a two-person or doing play by play work by yourself is the better way to go. 

Also, in the second half of the show Eamon and T.J. discuss the awful events at the Orlando nightclub Pulse.
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It's baaaaaaaaaaaaack, after a four-month hiatus the T.J. McAloon Show finally makes its return. This week we had Matt Gajtka from DK Pittsburgh Sports to talk about the Pittsburgh Pirates and Penguins. And to recant a story about when he was dressed as Oliver the Onion during the Pirates Perogie Race he was screamed while still in costume by a game operations manager in the tunnels of PNC Park.

It's great to be back, and the show will start having new episodes every week again!
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Professional wrestling is hard, and the men and women who put their bodies on the line to entertain us sometimes get broken. This week I had Angelus Layne on who recently stepped away from the ring to recover from a number of injuries. She talks about what it's like to know you have to get your body fixed. But, ignoring the screaming pain to push through and keep performing at shows.

We also talk about annoying things fans do. And, misused terms by people who write about wrestling on the internet. Plus, we share stories about each of our own dealings in backyard wrestling. Angelus also gives a quick do and don't on how to approach your favorite wrestler at a show.

It's beginning to be WWE's busy season. So to help sift through all of the potential storylines, turns, pushes, and pulls I had from Forbes and Bleacher Report and WrestleZone: Alfred "Big Nasty" Konuwa. 

Alfred and I go on a number of topics during this week's episode. From what may or may not happen at Survivor Series. To if Paige and Charlotte went too far with their storyline. We also touch on if it's a good thing that the part-time wrestlers that WWE usually employees for WrestleMania won't be able to be apart of the in ring action at the big event. 
Also, one other note. Leave Melissa Joan Hart alone. She's one fan that had an opinion that people didn't like. So it doesn't merit a bunch of feces thrown her way through Twitter by "smart mark" fans. Alfred and I discuss this as well on the show and how the internet can be a cruel cruel thing. 

With the college football season hitting its final stretch I reached out to AM 1300 The Zone's Sean Adams to talk for a second on the playoff. Instead of staying on that topic for the entire show we instead discussed the social ramifications the Missouri football team had. And, if NCAA student athletes would ever stage a walk out to protest not being compensated for giving their bodies to help the school profit. 

Aside from those heavy topics, we start the show by sharing stories about being a father to a daughter. So we open lightly with some great fatherly advice from Sean. 

It's time to party as the King of Partying, Andrew W.K. joins the show this week. We talked everything from how he got into music, to if the Pittsburgh Penguins were cursed at the start of the season for not using "Party Hard" as their goal song. We also discuss the power of positivity. 

No, we didn't discuss the New Day; but we should have as Andrew would make a great addition to the group. 
Andrew W.K. is a fascinating person and it was great to have him on the show. 
"Focus Up" is comedian, professional wrestling manager, podcast host, and ESPN True Hoop contributor, Chris Trew's catchphrase and message to everyone listening to this week's episode. Trew is also the creator and host of the touring act, "Air Sex."

If you haven't heard of the show "Air Sex" is a way to bring folks together in participating in the art form of air humping your way to fame and glory in front of thousands of people. We spent the first half of the show discussing this and his work with professional wrestling.

This is the perfect episode for Halloween week, as you may die laughing.

Draft Kings, Fan Duel, even Full Tilt Poker have daily fantasy sites where fantasy sports junkies can get their fix by gambling money on professional athletes. The government is starting to crack down on these companies, by asking for regulations. So, I had on Chris Wassel from Project Roto to talk about where we are at with these sites. 

He's been doing DFS writing and gaming well before television ads clogged up our NFL Sunday's. However, aside from fantasy sports and government talk, we spent the second half of the episode going over the first weeks of the NHL season. 

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