On the newest episode of Wrestling's Chicken Salad join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and Shawn Kidd as they talk all things Backlash 2005. After catching up on real life for a couple of minutes we get down to business. Topics discussed include a great opener and a definition of a hidden classic, the pedigree the heartthrobs (bonus points if you remember them), the pedigree, a brutal last man standing match, Logan going all Dr Phil when talking about the Kane and Lita relationship, the pedigree, pervy old man Jerry Lawler, the pedigree, a steaming pile of neckbones, the pedigree, this whole show being very un PC and making it past the Peacock censors, the pedigree, Mr Jiggles, the pedigree, duelling Vince impressions, the pedigree, HHH Wank Fest 05, the pedigree, Ben trying to rap, the pedigree, a drinking game during an underwhelming main event and did we mention the pedigree? We end with some awards and reveal what we will be watching next month. Come for the concept but stay for the pedigree, its Wrestling's Chicken Salad!

On the newest episode of Wrestling's Chicken Salad join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland as well as special guest Jacob Williams as they break down and review Wrestlemania 27. On the show the boys will be discussing topics including Rock Wank Fest 11, who's Kerri Hilson, Logan's killer stats, some quality limb work, 2011 Michael Cole, disappointing Cody v Rey, the corrrrrrreeeeeee (sic), the peoples strudel, Rock and Austin's Wrestlemania moment, some quality limb work (part 2), Hank makes a new enemy, odd people in suits, becoming main roster angry, good but not epic HHH-Taker match, Ben and Shawn's in depth Jersey Shore knowledge, great entrances but awful main event, Wankelmania and end of show awards. Come for the concept buy stay for Logan getting legitimately angry, its Wrestling's Chicken Salad.

On episode 10 of Wrestlings Chicken Salad join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and Shawn Kidd as they celebrate the show getting into double figures and kick off Wrestlemania season by going back to 1993 and Wrestlemania 9. For such an auspicious occasion they welcome Matt Souza to the show to share in the suffering. We discuss such topics as entertainment clubs, JR in a toga, actual praise for a Tatanka match, insane spots and hair between the Steiners and Headshrinkers, HEEL DOINK~!, Logans very diplomatic review of Backlund-Razor, a welcome appearance of Angry Matt during the tag title match, a science lesson involving a brick and briefcase, Hanks warning for Scott Criscuolo, pervy old men during the Luger entrance, a slight argument over star ratings, a night of awful finishes and genuine anger 28 years on about the Hogan wankfest at the end. We wrap up the show by dishing out some awards. Come for the absurdity but stay for more old Shawn jokes than he can shake his walking stick at, its Wrestlings Chicken Salad!

February 13, 2021

Wrestling’s Chicken Salad #9

On the 9th episode of Wrestlings Chicken Salad join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and SHAWN KIDD as the travel to Montreal for No Way Out 2003. Topics discussed include an absolute banger of a show theme tune, a Jeff Hardy match Ben and Shawn quite like, glow stick jizz, whacky thrown together tag teams, big MFers, being addicted to BJ, a match being described as 'slow and punchy and restholdy', peak Steph, a true hidden classic, one of the greatest video package for one of the worst matches of all time, german supplexes v neckbreakers, totally unbiased JR commentary, the debut of Hollywood Rock and a very disappointing rematch. We wrap thing up with our end of show awards, come for the concept but stay for bring me to life, its Wrestling's Chicken Salad.

On Episode 8 of Wrestling's Chicken Salad join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and our special guest Rory McNamara as we go down to Miami, Florida for the Royal Rumble 2006. We discuss the sad passing of Jon Huber before we get to the show itself. Topics on the show include WWE attempting an X Division spot fest, Roman Goddess Steph, WWE setting equality back 50 years, a dogs tattoo, moonpie moments, midcard rumbles, Spirit Squad auditions, Ben's Tatanka love in, the Dry Humping of Matt Hardy, Cena-Edge only being ok and one of the worst main events of the last 20 years. We also dish out the traditional end of show awards as well as announce what the next t show is. All that and so much more on Episode 8 of Wrestling's Chicken Salad!

December 13, 2020

Wrestling’s Chicken Salad #7

On episode 7 of Wreatlings Chicken Salad join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and Shawn Kidd as they take a trip to Atlanta GA for Starrcade 89: Future Shock. They discuss the not at all convoluted tournaments with the easy to understand scoring system, Gary Michael Capetta, 80s Ref~!, the greatness of 89 Lex Luger, the Golden Girls, genuine anger towards Flair-Muta, WCW throwing marquee matches away, 3 Samoan matches in a row in the Iron Team tournament, the WWF version of the tournaments, some genuinely good matches in the second half and we dish out some awards at the end of the show. Join us on episode 7 of Wrestlings Chicken Salad, come and join us if you are fan of this era but stay for Shawn's Luger bromance!

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On episode 6 of Wrestling's Chicken Salad join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and Shawn Kidd as they take a trip to the motor city, Detroit Michigan for Survivor Series 99. In this episode we discuss Ben's dislike for Survivor Series matches, Team Pimp, a near perfect debut for your Olympic Hero (oh its true), the most pointless match in wrestling history, Michael Coles first time in a ladies dressing room, jacked up Kane, lack of facial hair, vehicular homicide, an actual good match, milf porn, the New Age Outlaws: good team or not?, trying to do an Austin match without Austin and a mild disagreement around the main event. We end the show with some awards and reveal what our next show is going to be. All this and so much more on Episode 6 of Wrestling's Chicken Salad!

On this episode join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and Shawn Kidd as they travel to Las Vegas for Halloween Havoc, a show that has a little something for everyone but is definitely WCW at its most excessive and bloated. In this episode you will hear a statement from Shawn defending his takes from previous shows, a hidden gem of an opener (when we get there), obnoxiously loud samoans, Disco Fever, Alex Wrights package, so many men in leather, lots of unnecessary fluff, Shawn's love for Rick Steiner, adding context to shit takes, another Logan-Shawn argument this time about a criss-cross spot and a genuinely good main event.

All this and so much on episode 5 of Wrestling's Chicken Salad!

September 13, 2020

Wrestling’s Chicken Salad #4

In this episode the boys travel back 21 years to WCW Fall Brawl 99! In this episode we try and make some sense of what was going on behind of scenes which contributed to some of the worst wrestling you will ever see. We also wonder what the ICP had done to earn a spot on this show, wonder what Shawn had been drinking when he watched the cruiserweight title match, a bad night for the Revolution stable, where do Harlem Heat rank in the all time tag team list and do we trust Hulk Hogan, Sting or Lex Luger. There may also be a surprise appearance or two! All this and so much more in episode 4 of Wrestling's Chicken Salad!

On the latest episode of Wrestling's Chicken Salad Ben, Logan and Shawn hop on board the Lex Express to review Summerslam 1993. Amongst the many topics discussed are the end of Ted Dibiase's in ring career, no selling by the Steiner Brothers mum and Sister, Shawn Michaels' lack of ring shape, joining of the Heel Doink society, a love for an underrated six man tag, Giant Gonzalez hating and looking back at an awful end to the show. The boys are also joined by two special guests before the main event and wrap up with rebooking the show and awards. Come for the PPV review, stay for the special guests, its Wrestling's Chicken Salad.

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