On episode 6 of Wrestling's Chicken Salad join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and Shawn Kidd as they take a trip to the motor city, Detroit Michigan for Survivor Series 99. In this episode we discuss Ben's dislike for Survivor Series matches, Team Pimp, a near perfect debut for your Olympic Hero (oh its true), the most pointless match in wrestling history, Michael Coles first time in a ladies dressing room, jacked up Kane, lack of facial hair, vehicular homicide, an actual good match, milf porn, the New Age Outlaws: good team or not?, trying to do an Austin match without Austin and a mild disagreement around the main event. We end the show with some awards and reveal what our next show is going to be. All this and so much more on Episode 6 of Wrestling's Chicken Salad!

On this episode join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and Shawn Kidd as they travel to Las Vegas for Halloween Havoc, a show that has a little something for everyone but is definitely WCW at its most excessive and bloated. In this episode you will hear a statement from Shawn defending his takes from previous shows, a hidden gem of an opener (when we get there), obnoxiously loud samoans, Disco Fever, Alex Wrights package, so many men in leather, lots of unnecessary fluff, Shawn's love for Rick Steiner, adding context to shit takes, another Logan-Shawn argument this time about a criss-cross spot and a genuinely good main event.

All this and so much on episode 5 of Wrestling's Chicken Salad!

September 13, 2020

Wrestling’s Chicken Salad #4

In this episode the boys travel back 21 years to WCW Fall Brawl 99! In this episode we try and make some sense of what was going on behind of scenes which contributed to some of the worst wrestling you will ever see. We also wonder what the ICP had done to earn a spot on this show, wonder what Shawn had been drinking when he watched the cruiserweight title match, a bad night for the Revolution stable, where do Harlem Heat rank in the all time tag team list and do we trust Hulk Hogan, Sting or Lex Luger. There may also be a surprise appearance or two! All this and so much more in episode 4 of Wrestling's Chicken Salad!

On the latest episode of Wrestling's Chicken Salad Ben, Logan and Shawn hop on board the Lex Express to review Summerslam 1993. Amongst the many topics discussed are the end of Ted Dibiase's in ring career, no selling by the Steiner Brothers mum and Sister, Shawn Michaels' lack of ring shape, joining of the Heel Doink society, a love for an underrated six man tag, Giant Gonzalez hating and looking back at an awful end to the show. The boys are also joined by two special guests before the main event and wrap up with rebooking the show and awards. Come for the PPV review, stay for the special guests, its Wrestling's Chicken Salad.

In Episode 2 of The Chicken Salad the concept of the show is nearly sunk as the boys try to find some positives out of King Of The Ring 1995. Spoiler: two of us manage it whilst one doesn't! You also get to hear Ben's nightmare throughout the first half of the show, Shawn's love of feet, Logans deep feelings about the main event (Tatanka in particular) and our mutual love of bug eyed Stephanie Wiand. All this and so much more on episode 2 of Wrestling's Chicken Salad!

Welcome to the first edition of the Chicken Salad! Join your hosts Ben Locke, Logan Crossland and Shawn Kidd as they look back at some of the perceived worst shows in wrestling history i.e we are attempting to make chicken salad out of some chicken shit.
In this first edition the boys go back to the gold standard of bad shows, WCW Great American Bash 1991.  As well as being fair to Flair they are also fair and positive about a number of wrestlers on the show.  Do not despair though certain managers and wrestlers don’t get away with things so easily.  Is this show as bad as people make out or are there some positives to be taken, listen to the debut edition of the Chicken Salad to find out!

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