Everyone is wondering will Marty Sleeze ever go away? Doing his best Terry Funk & KISS impression, Marty Sleeze is BACK! YES! For one more week of action! He is talking to Ryan Victory outta Chi-Town and Good ‘Ol Will from Texas about their Top TWO Favorite Glam Metal Songs of All Time! This episode is specifically dedicated to The Road. It never fails you. We also LA GUNS! BON JOVI AND MOTLEY FUCKIN’ CRUE! Ryan talks about how his middle school was a literal musical. Marty talks about just how damn important Motley Crue is to him! Will brings all home with what the Road means to him! Thank you to Scott for hosting Pro Wrestling Love on the PTB Wrestling Network. Thank you to Jerome, Justin, Matt, Mike, PeteF3, Stacey, Ryan, Will and Kelly Nelson for being guests on the show and making amazing conversation with me! Thank you to everyone who ever listened! It is not farewell, it is just so long for now…keep spreading the Pro Wrestling Love…

After the shortest hiatus in the history of podcasting, PRO WRESTLING LOVE IS BACK! Happy Labor Day Everybody! Ryan From Chicago & Good ‘Ol Will from Texas join Marty to finish up their Glam Metal Best Songs Countdown, but there is another wrinkle…The boys went out of control and couldn’t stop reminiscing and they went over four hours! So this episode will only be #s 5-3! This episode is dedicated to Marty’s rocker concert bud, Melissa, if youre out there, keep rockin’! Will feels the PAIN, the PAIN and never gives up on the road. Ryan regales us with stories of the Dingo Warrior and Sugar Ray! In a total curveball, Will goes wild about the MONKEES! If you love heavy metal, glam metal, check this out, download and enjoy!  

My bad for missing last week’s release of Pro Wrestling Love, real life, CM Punk Mania and my buddy’s wedding was a perfect confluence of me having a brainfart and forgetting to upload the show. This episode is well worth the wait. As Kelly Nelson, a True Titan of Wrestling and Marty Sleeze team up ONE MORE TIME to breakdown their Top 5 BEST WWF MATCHES OF 1978-1987! Who takes #1 is always a selling point? Where will Marty & Kelly agree? Where will they disagree? In a curveball, Marty discloses the Worst Match he has ever seen and the funny commentary that happened during it. There is also a tribute to Paul Orndorff leads the show. All this and much, much more! What did we have too high? Too Low? Whats your 1, 2, 3? What did we snooze on completely? Let us know and keep spreading the Pro Wrestling Love!

Boy oh boy! We are rocking & a rolling as we have hit the TOP TEN Best WWF Matches from 1978-1987 with Kelly “The Canadian Dream” Nelson from Titans of Wrestling and Tag Teams Back Again and Marty “Superstar” Sleeze. Kelly & Marty lay the Pro Wrestling Love on Xtra Thicc on the thrilling climax of Bob Backlund’s reign as champion against Greg Valentine at the Garden in 1981. YES! WOAH! YES! WOAH! YES! Kelly gives a special shout-out to Dick Murdoch vs Afa as the boys talk about how many cool and different wrestlers came through the World Wrestling Federation at this time. “A larynx for a larynx leaves the whole world mute” postulates Marty Sleeze. While Kelly Nelson cracks an all time great Bruiser Brody joke. Marty Sleeze is on Kal Watch (THAT IS BLOOD!) while Kelly Nelson breaks down the all-time great Sgt. Slaughter vs Bob Backlund series at the Spectrum. All this and much, much more, click the link, download, enjoy and keep spreading the Pro Wrestling Love!

A True Titan of Wrestling, Kelly Nelson comes back for his third dose of Pro Wrestling Love with Marty “Superstar” Sleeze discussing the Top 25 Best World Wrestling Federation matches to take place between 1978-1987.  Vince, TK, somebody please hire Kelly Nelson as a booker as he lays out perfect booking psychology in the middle of the show. Marty delivers his PHD dissertation on Bob Backlund psychology using the Hulk Hogan match as an example. Kelly lays out the history of iconic feuds such as Hulk Hogan vs Mr. Wonderful (Rest In Peace) and Greg Valentine vs Tito Santana. Hart Found & British Bulldogs eat your hearts out…it is the Jumping Bomb Angels & The Glamour Girls! All this & much, much more in episode 38 of Pro Wrestling Love! 

Marty Sleeze & Chief Jay Historian Kelly Nelson are back again (WHOOMP! There It Is!) counting down the best World Wrestling Federation matches to take place between 1978-1987. Kelly proves why they call him Chief Jay Historian dropping knowledge on how Bob Backlund was booked the first year of his title reign. Marty relates a story of the Boston Brawl to the Bruno/Larry feud and retells his mix-up about Viagra. Kelly discusses the most watched match in pro wrestling cable history until the late 90s. Marty begs for Twitter hate, should he be careful what he wishes for and is totally out to lunch on the Killer Bees vs Hart Foundation. All this & much much more on Pro Wrestling Love Episode #37,  #20-#16 on this countdown of the best WWF matches to take place between 1978-87. Click, download and enjoy and keep spreading the Pro Wrestling Love!

Marty Sleeze welcomes his long-time friend, his former Tag Teams Back Again (Whoomp! There It Is!) co-host, and a true Titan of Wrestling, Kelly Nelson aka Ricky Jackson on the show to discuss one of their mutually favorite times in pro wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation 1978-1987. They are discussing their picks for #25-#21 on this first of a five part series on the Best WWF Matches between 1978-1987. Marty leads off with the match that started it all! It is the match review that got Kelly’s attention and had him extend the invitation to become the Teen Titan! The rest as they say is podcasting history. Kelly brings a lot of Titans of Wrestling Love on this show with Andre vs Hogan, Fuji & Saito vs Strongbows and a bloody match between Larry Z & Ivan Pustki. It is not just Titans nostalgia there is some Tag Teams Back Again (Whoomp! There It Is) nostalgia when the Can-Am Connection clashes with The Dream Team! All this and much, much more! Click the link, download, listen and keep spreading the Pro Wrestling Love!

Marty Sleeze delivers another delicious slab of heavy metal with Good ‘Ol Will From Texas & Ryan Victory from Chicago. Marty Sleeze attended the M3 Festival for the first time this year and regales the listeners with stories of Pretty Boy Floyd, Shitty Fake LA Guns and Warrant. Will & Ryan tell stories of heartbreak, but Will passes down knowledge to help future generations avoid the same fate. Marty sticks up for stage acrobatics of Juan Croucier (they are the whole reason to see Ratt!) against the bullies on Talk is Jericho! Will explains the meaning behind the Dangerous Toys’ cult classic, Scared. All this & much, much more! Click the link, download and enjoy! 

Good ‘Ol Will from Texas, Catch Ryan Fever and Marty Sleeze take it to a whole new level to spread the Heavy Metal Love counting down their Top 25 Glam/Hair/Sleaze Metal songs of all time! Will goes on the most hilarious rant ever recorded on a Marty Sleeze show bringing up Associates Degrees, crying out Joan of Arc’s name in the middle of the night and Keel!

Ryan tells funny stories from his IG page, Icons of Wrestling and how everyone wants to send The Rock ugly hats! Marty gets technical trying to break down the glam metal sound and how it evolved by emphasizing different aspects of its influences: Judas Priest, Van Halen, early 70s British Glam Rock and the more rock & roll sounds of Aerosmith/Stones. It all comes back to Will with another hilarious, combustible story of an Alice Cooper concert, a lighter and Aquanet! It is thick cut slab of heavy metal! Check it out and enjoy!

Heavy Metal Takeover is here to stay as Good ‘Ol Will from Texas and Catch Ryan Fever hijack the show to spread the Heavy Metal Love counting down their Top 25 Glam/Hair/Sleaze Metal songs of all time! Will cuts the Mutha of all Promos on Marty for leaving the Sleeze Beez off his list, it had Marty & Ryan rolling as he just eviscerates poor Marty! This definitely one to check out! Fret not, Marty & Will’s relationship is still intact as Marty helped Will fall in love with Steelheart and their majestic, explosive power ballad, I’ll Never Let You Go! Marty brings up a great point that almost all Dokken songs are Don Dokken bitching and moaning about women and blows Will’s mind. Ryan brings another story to the table about a milkshake and some girls from high school. Will has an existential crisis as he finds out one of his favorite songs of all time does have a music video and it is spectacularily shitty.   All this and much, much more! Click the link, download and enjoy!

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