August 29, 2022

Reaction Special: NWA 74

Join Scott & Dr. G as they wrap a tidy bow around NWA 74 weekend in St. Louis, from title changes to unwatchable main events. Sit back and enjoy the recap!

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Join Scott Criscuolo as he recaps NWA Alwayz Ready! He'll give you all the results of the weekend's PPV, and look ahead to the summer in the NWA! So sit back and enjoy the reaction, recaps and let us know what you thought of the show on Twitter!



Another NWA PPV in the books, and we have the recap! Join Scott & The Doctor as they recap the big show with analysis and thoughts on Kamille, Nick Aldis, Trevor Murdoch and the surprises! So sit back and enjoy recapping some...HARD TIMES!

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NWA's Weekend at the Chase is behind us, and we've got the reactions. Scott & Dr. G (NWA Saturday Special) recap the two nights of PPV's, including double duty for Kamille & Chelsea Green, a disappointing #1 Contender to the National Title, new Tag Team Champions and the brass ring finally grabbed by Trevor Murdoch. So sit back and enjoy the recap and memories of St. Louis!

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NWA Empowerrr:

NWA 73:


The NWA is back! Join Scott Criscuolo & "Dr. G" George Ribellino as they give reaction and analysis to the NWA's return PPV, "Back for the Attack"! They recap the matches & winners, and what lies ahead as NWA Powerr starts up again. How long can Nick Aldis remain as World's Heavyweight Champion? Sit back and check out the reaction as PTBN goes BACK TO THE ATTACK!

How was the PPV debut of the ThunderDome! Sit back with Kris Zellner & Devon Hales as they bring you the official PTBWN reaction show for Summerslam 2020!

So WAS it the greatest wrestling match of all time? Did Braun Strowman & Drew McIntyre keep their respective titles? What about Asuka? Well Kris Zellner & Devon Hales have all the answers with their Backlash 2020 Reaction Show!

Join Kris Zellner & Devon Hales as they break down the beautifully nostalgic NXT Takeover: In Your House PPV!

What happened at Headquarters? Check out Kris Zellner & Devon Hales as they recap Money in the Bank! Otis, Asuka and more!

Just like the show, the reaction is two parts! Here's Kris Zellner & Devon Hales with the reaction to Night 2 of Wrestlemania 36!

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