July 16, 2021

NWA Crock & Roll #20: Houston Layover Part 2, The Sequel

On the show's one-year anniversary, in episode #20 of NWA Crock and Roll the boys are once again joined by guest, Ben Locke to close out part 2 of the Houston Layover series. After discussing year one they jump right into it. Topics & matches include Adrian Street in a surprising match with Terry Taylor, continued bad Boesch commentary, a disappointing Brody/Rhodes match, a run-down of bad Billy Graham matches watched including the one in this show, the entertainment value of Abdullah the Butcher, a big swerve in a Wahoo match that leaves majority siding with Calum, the diversity of matches in Houston, worthless 2/3 fall matches, a divide on a Manny/Mascaras match, an entertaining Texas Death Coffin Match that has to be seen to be believed, and close with a sneak peak of the next few episodes through September where the timeline relaunches with December 85 in episode 25!


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