February 14, 2018

Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #10

Andy and Tim are back and guest-less this month with a potpourri edition of Survey Says! We run the gamut, touching on such topics as:
  • The surprising demand for late '90s wrestling action figures
  • WCW in 1997 and 1998- which year did it better?
  • Eric Bischoff's rather suspect SARSA formula for success (Story! Anticipation! Reality! Surprise! Action! In that particular order? Look, it spells SARSA!)
  • The unsung virtues of Perry Saturn, Human Springboard Machine
  • Shower thoughts, starring Disco Inferno... innovator of offense? (Not really.)

Plus contractually-obligated shout-outs, inside jokes, and Movies for Guys Who Like Movies. Join us for the questionable taste and unbridled irreverence you have come to expect on this stripped down, UNPLUGGED Survey Says!

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