January 6, 2019

Survey Says Episode 20- New York Knockout

It's another first, as WCW's quarterly(ish) classic free-TV supercard known as Clash of the Champions enters the Survey Says rotation! Will a skeptical Tim be won over to the event's charms now that Andy has successfully worn down his defenses? Given our extensive coverage of the promotion's impressive 1989 outings - and gushing praise for the Flair/Funk feud in particular - what better place to find out than the ninth installment, New York Knockout! Join us for a survey to include the following:
* Personal recollections and impressions of Clash as a series
* Kurosawa vs. Hawk as a workrate measuring stick
* Exiling The Freebirds to The Phantom Zone
* Anatomical Hot Takes starring: 1989 Bill Apter
* The origin of the Frankensteiner (no, really)
* Stan Lane as an under-the-radar missed opportunity?
* Four men with the same mullet
* The many lives of Jack Victory at Clash of the Champions
* Norman the Lunatic's celebrity lookalike
* Funk doing the best in-ring emoting
Bright lights. Big city. Leg breaks. Hot takes. Survey Says... even outside of Crockett Country, 1989 NWA delivers the goods.

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