September 28, 2019

From the Vault: Where the Big Boys Play #24 - Crockett Cup 88: Part 1

Chad and Parv are joined by Robert aka The Atomic Elbow, author of the print-only wrestling fanzine of the same name, to review the first couple of rounds of the The Crockett Cup 1988. In a packed show: Chad gives his thoughts on Clash 1, another look at the ongoing debate about Sting as a Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame candidate, Robert and Chad talk about the indy scene in Georgia including Peach State Wrestling, speculation as to who the hell Mighty Wilbur was and the limitations of internet research, Chad reveals the origin story of the AAA camera men, Chad and Robert plot their relative social positions on The Varsity Club Scale, WWE revisionism about the 1988 version of the horsemen (as opposed to the 1986 version), memories of various Italian wrestlers from the past mainly called ‘Salvatore’, Robert reveals that he is possibly the world’s biggest fan of ‘Pistol’ Pez Shaska Whatley, Dave Meltzer’s thoughts on little girls in the NWA crowds of 1988, and some criticisms of JCP video-tape presentation vs WWF presentation.

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