December 2, 2019

Where the Big Boys Play #28 - Clash of the Champions III

Chad and Parv review Clash of the Champions III: Fall Brawl. In this show: some more listener comments aka the Lyle Alzado update, week-by-week Wrestling Observer updates leading up to the Turner deal and Arn and Tully’s departure including Steve Williams and a flight to Tokyo, Summerslam 88: rated 15 in the UK, the oddly non-standard format of the Clash shows, who is awarding Tommy Young “referee of the year” 6 times?, some thoughts on Mike Rotunda, Jim Ross’s chronic overselling on commentary and thoughts on the Ross-Caudle partnership, Parv continues his intense dislike of Steve Williams from this period as Chad continues his equally intense dislike for Dusty’s awful run of form as a wrestler and booker in 1988, and Meltzer on why John Ayers was no Lyle Alzado.

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