Chad is away with work, but Parv welcomes Wrestlespective Radio’s Jason Mann to discuss the very first Clash of the Champions. This episode includes: Jason’s background as a wrestling fan, some random memories of the WWF Wrestlefest arcade game, Jason gives some background on the history of wrestling in the Detroit / Mid-West area, and Parv gets an education in US 1950s sitcoms, especially ‘Leave It to Beaver’, and Jason gives his thoughts on various wrestlers that Frances Crockett mentions as she runs down the top 10 teams from the upcoming Crockett Cup 88.

Solomon, Chad and Parv finish their review of Starrcade 87. In this show: To what extent did Dusty’s booking of the tag title match at this show “kill Chicago” for Crockett, were the Road Warriors ever been pinned in the 1980s?, Dusty Rhodes: 270lbs!, the difference between Dave Meltzer’s views in 1987 vs. our views in 2012, Parv mounts a defence of Ronnie Garvin, would you have bought this show or Survivor Series 87?, and picks for the end of show awards.

Chad and Parv take a look at Great American Bash 1987. Highlights include: have the babyfaces ever won the coin toss for the Wargames?, views on Rick Steiner’s offense, and Chad gives extended thoughts on the careers of both Dick Murdoch and Steve Williams in the US and Japan.

Chad and Parv complete their review of the Crockett Cup 1987. In this show: thoughts on there being 24 teams in the Crockett Cup, general opinions of Lex Luger, appreciation of Jim Cornette's antics during the Midnight Express's matches during this tournament, has anyone ever taken a piledriver on the floor apart from Ted DiBiase in 1983 and Kurt Angle in 2001?, general surprise at seeing the attitude era / Flair-in-Legacy-era low blow in 1987, debate over whether Flair vs. Windham is really a ***** match, and Chad and Parv's picks for the end of show awards.

In this show, after an almost two-month absence, Where the Big Boys Play returns for the Crockett Cup 1987! Before that, however, Parv goes through his notes for Supertowns on the Superstation from February 87, which ends up taking the first 20-minutes of the show. Highlights include: explanation of two-month absence, talk of Hollywood, Florida (including Hulk Hogan’s boat and house, and Ted DiBiase’s ‘seasonal residence’), more actual rock ‘n’ roll from everyone’s favourite band, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, more bashing of Paul Jones, how bad editing can really affect the flow and psychology of a match, Hector Guerrero as Laser Tron!, Chad talks about his love for Randy ‘Don’t call me Pee Wee’ Anderson, and about Bob Armstrong in Smokey Mountain, and Parv draws from Meltzer’s original Wrestling Observer Newsletters from early 1987 to fill in what we didn’t see on the tape and on some of the important backstage and onscreen stuff that was happening at this time such as the enduring mystery of Dennis Condrey leaving the NWA, how Mulkeymania was running wild, and JCP’s purchases of the Florida and Mid-South territories from Mike Graham and Bill Watts respectively.

Chad and Parv and an increasingly croaky-voiced Brian wrap up the Great American Bash 86. Highlights include: Brian vs. Dave Meltzer on the Nikita Koloff vs. Magnum TA feud, Chad on Dusty Rhodes's Red Man tobacco hat and his possible chewing habits, debate: was Dusty Rhodes placating his own ego with the cage match against Flair?, did Flair and Stan Hansen ever have a match in the 80s?, and end of show awards in which Tully Blanchard continues his quest to be MVP seemingly every show.

Brian, Chad and Parv travel across 14 different cities over 33 days (well just 3 cities actually) to bring you the first part of their look at the Great American Bash 86. In this episode: speculation over where the 1986 Crockett Cup is now, how well the GAB 86 tour drew across different towns, Parv rails on Tommy Young (yet again), Brian on his experiences as a “bald-headed geek”, the greatest haircut in the history of US wrestling, and the continued devaluing of the TV title.

Brian, Chad and Parv unite for the first three-man edition of Where the Big Boys Play to take on Starrcade 85. In this episode: Chad recounts the memories of his father- and brother-in-law of being at The Omni half of Starrcade 85 and talks about the importance of the Omni to the Atlanta area in general, the gradual transition from Charlotte to Atlanta of JCP / WCW, Sam Houston: stupidest babyface we’ve seen so far?, Brian explains how baldness can make you — or at least Barry Darsow — look bigger, Parv can’t substantiate the rumour that the ring announcer at The Omni is former AWA play-by-play man Rodger Kent, Manny Fernandez’s wild delusions of grandeur, Parv rants about Paul Jones’s lack of managerial acumen, and the missed opportunities of Buddy Landel’s career, more talk of Baby Doll’s importance to Tully’s phenomenal 1985, David Crockett shouting “SHE LIKES IT” as Magnum TA steals a kiss, discussion of where the Magnum TA vs. Tully Blanchard “I Quit” match will rank in the eventual DVDR 80s project JCP set, Chad’s manlove for the Boogie Woogie man escalates even further, Brian is taken out by the raging Pittsburgh thunder storm, analysis of Flair and Dusty’s chemistry (or lack of it) and end of show awards.

As Chad is out traveling with work, Parv is joined by Brian (aka Smack2k) to talk about the Great American Bash ’85. Show highlights include: Brian’s background as a wrestling fan, the transition from 84 to 85, Parv wonders why Buddy Landel stuck with the “Nature Boy Jr” gimmick for so long, Brian waxes lyrical about his love for The Barbarian, and speculation over how Baby Doll and Sam Houston’s relationship worked, differences between perceptions of the cold war in the 80s in the UK and the US, more talk of the transition from “the Starrcade 83 Flair” to Slick Ric and the weirdness about him being heel vs. Magnum TA around this time but face vs. Nikita Koloff, speculation about Dusty’s secret (legit) dark desires for Baby Doll, the relative position of the US and TV Titles in 1985, and end of show awards.

Chad and Parv take a look at Starrcade ’84. Highlights include: Kamala’s wife and his payoffs, some thoughts on World Class, the definition of “catch-as-catch-can”, what the hell were the Zambuie Express meant to be? Dusty Rhodes looking the biggest he has EVER looked drapped in a tracksuit jacket, more complaints about the quality of finishes on these early NWA shows, some appreciation of JJ Dillon as a manager, Chad reveals his undying love for “Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant, and Parv wonders why heels are always intelligent schemers and why faces are always happy-go-lucky “not too bright” types, Parv speculates over when Minnesota Flair became “Slick Ric”, discussion over the psychology of heel-in-peril sections in tag matches, Ricky Steamboat’s reputation and where it comes from, Chad judges the judges for the mainevent, Dusty’s atheltic background, and our picks for MVP, match of the night and least valuable player.

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