Marching bravely into the Turner era, Chad and Parv review Clash of the Champions 4: Season’s Beatings. In this show: Jim Herd’s never discussed wrestling background, the Road Warriors heel turn, Parv goes nuts over a match that no one else seems to rate highly, the long-awaited return of Jason Hervey, more Steve Williams hate from Parv, a totally ridiculous JYD promo, a critique of Matt Farmer’s method of ranking draws, where Rick Steiner rates among the people with mental disability gimmicks, who is better Bobby Fulton or Robert Gibson?, and a look at Meltzer’s big article from late in 88 on ‘how to save the NWA’.

Chad and Parv review Clash of the Champions III: Fall Brawl. In this show: some more listener comments aka the Lyle Alzado update, week-by-week Wrestling Observer updates leading up to the Turner deal and Arn and Tully’s departure including Steve Williams and a flight to Tokyo, Summerslam 88: rated 15 in the UK, the oddly non-standard format of the Clash shows, who is awarding Tommy Young “referee of the year” 6 times?, some thoughts on Mike Rotunda, Jim Ross’s chronic overselling on commentary and thoughts on the Ross-Caudle partnership, Parv continues his intense dislike of Steve Williams from this period as Chad continues his equally intense dislike for Dusty’s awful run of form as a wrestler and booker in 1988, and Meltzer on why John Ayers was no Lyle Alzado.

Chad and Parv review Great American Bash 88: The Price for Freedom. In this show: Parv awkwardly reads some listener comments, the strange and wonderful world of the Pro Wrestling Only message boards, the financial performance of JCP in mid-88 and the Turner deal, Chad and Parv have a major disagreement over a match, thoughts on the infamous Tower of Doom match, Dusty Rhodes: 289lbs, and a sad farewell to Arn and Tully.

Chad and Parv review Clash of the Champions 2: Miami Mayhem! In this show: Parv has a big announcement, a look at the state of American television advertising in 1988 including a veritable who’s who of d-list celebrities, discussion of the Lyle Alzado star vehicle “Learning the Ropes”, the big contract signing aboard the Black Hawk with Flair’s red sweater, Kevin Sullivan’s parchment plans for the Tower of Doom, Dr Death’s white-kid gloves, Al Perez: least talked about “lost worker” ever?, more discussion of NWA managers as compared with WWF managers, and Dusty Rhodes: 268.5 lbs.

Robert (The Atomic Elbow), Chad and Parv wrap up their extensive look at Crockett Cup 88 from round 3 to the final. In this episode: ranking New Zealand on the list of countries to inspire ire from the patriotic US rasslin fans, wrestlers from Scandinavia, the realism of Rick Martel’s arrogance and 6-year-old Chad’s Christmas wishlist, a Big-Bossman-inspired wild tangent on US ‘biscuits’ that you serve with ‘gravy’ for breakfast vs UK biscuits that you dunk in your tea, the possible origins of the scars on Dusty’s arms, end of show awards, and much more.

Chad and Parv are joined by Robert aka The Atomic Elbow, author of the print-only wrestling fanzine of the same name, to review the first couple of rounds of the The Crockett Cup 1988. In a packed show: Chad gives his thoughts on Clash 1, another look at the ongoing debate about Sting as a Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame candidate, Robert and Chad talk about the indy scene in Georgia including Peach State Wrestling, speculation as to who the hell Mighty Wilbur was and the limitations of internet research, Chad reveals the origin story of the AAA camera men, Chad and Robert plot their relative social positions on The Varsity Club Scale, WWE revisionism about the 1988 version of the horsemen (as opposed to the 1986 version), memories of various Italian wrestlers from the past mainly called ‘Salvatore’, Robert reveals that he is possibly the world’s biggest fan of ‘Pistol’ Pez Shaska Whatley, Dave Meltzer’s thoughts on little girls in the NWA crowds of 1988, and some criticisms of JCP video-tape presentation vs WWF presentation.

Chad and Parv talk about Bunkhouse Stampede 88. In this show: Chad talks about how he’s basically “the mini Big Boss Man”, some discussion of how tv ratings and PPV buyrates worked in the late 80s, evaluation of the roster at this time and how signing Ted DiBiase and Curt Hennig might have helped Crockett, Larry Zbyszko’s ultimate ambition in life: to win the Western States Heritage title!, young Jim Ross’s intense hyperbole, Chad rants about why Road Warrior Hawk is an idiot and Parv explains why he hates the Road Warriors in general, the mythical book of wrestling records, arguably the worst 10 minutes in wrestling broadcast history, why can’t the Warlord’s arms bend?, after 20 shows Chad finally lays into Dusty’s massive ego, comparison with Royal Rumble 88, and end of show awards.

It’s Starrcade time again, 1987 style. For this show Chad and Parv are joined by King Solomon who will be the first 3rd man / guest host of our rotating “hot seat”. In this show: Solomon talks about life growing up as a wrestling fan in LA during the 80s, analysis of JCP’s handling and booking of the UWF takeover, Parv’s wife threw out his notes so Chad takes over play-by-play for the first two matches, why did the Midnight Express keep agreeing to scaffold matches?, and the burial of Terry Taylor.

Chad and Parv finish up their review of Great American Bash 1987. In this show: Parv reveals the extent of Vladimir Pietrov’s ‘legal problems’, an unexpected detour to discuss the current WWE product, Dusty Rhodes: weighing in at 285lbs, Chad tells a story about when his mum saw Ric Flair live and got an eyefull of more than she’d bargained for, picks for End of the Show Awards, and the pod says farewell to Brian.

Brian, Chad and Parv wrap up Starrcade 86. On this show: Chad reveals he used to babysit for the Big Boss Man, general feelings about scaffold matches, end of show award picks, and Parv recounts his online debate with PWO’s Matt D about Tully’s involvement in the Baby Doll face turn and the amazing intervention of JJ Dillon into that discussion.

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